The Woman in the Window poster


An agoraphobic woman living alone in New York begins spying on her new neighbors only to witness a disturbing act of violence.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2021-05-14

Runtime 102 minutes

Budget $4m


TMDB 6.1


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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming 5/14"

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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming 5/14"

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shemdani shared a tip "Such an attention grabber! A good twist, great caste and awesome performance, makes it a perfect #thriller"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️ kinda weird, definitely not as good as the book, still it kept my interest."

christina_paz shared a tip "This was a great movie"

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miaparker shared a tip "Meh 😒 👎🏾"

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positivewriter shared a tip "Really excited to see this!"

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positivewriter shared a tip "Really enjoyed this!"

iva_earl shared a tip "It’s one of those movies where you just want to slap the lead character and say “Get a grip lady!”"

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heather_stevens shared a tip "So good!"

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alexandra_powell_4861 shared a tip "2/5 not nearly as good as the book"

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deena_c shared a tip "I guess the book was better than the movie. I was disappointed."

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Renewed5 shared a tip "Definitely worth the watch. Everyone gave good performances and it keeps you engaged."

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tara_pugh shared a tip "Definitely one of those movies with lots of twists and unexpected turns 💚"

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zaira_acosta shared a tip "Wowww what a mind bender, really good plot twist."

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luanna shared a tip "Uhhh… no."

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carla_craddock shared a tip "I thought the ending was oversimplified, but I really enjoyed the movie overall."

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maria_claudia_vega shared a tip "I still want to read the book. ;)"

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rebecca_bella shared a tip "Amy Adam's, excellent as always. Twisty thriller will keep you guessing! Liked this one 👍"

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crimson_sparrow shared a tip "Strong writing, decent suspense, great acting."

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y._t shared a tip "Holy crap what a twister"

lorisa_griffith shared a tip "They did a good job with this. The book is always better but I think this was decent 👍🏾"

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holley_rilko shared a tip "Excellent movie!"

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regene_gorman shared a tip "Enjoyed this! Good watch! #hitchcock #thriller"

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lydia_britton_9120 shared a tip "Such an amazing cast, but I was so let down."

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leah_thompson_1096 shared a tip "Great plot twist"

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liv.afonso shared a tip "I should have known the kid was psycho when he said, “I like cat tongues.”"

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brenda_hurley shared a tip "Loved it! #psychologicalthriller #suspense #"

maria_alvia shared a tip "It was okay. I like this genre of movie (suspense, twist) and the movie was able to accomplish both. Script was so-so"

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tayler_tate shared a tip "It was interesting lol"

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noah_bertrand shared a tip "I enjoyed watching this movie but the timeline of it can be a little hard to follow throughout the movie."

madhuri_patokar shared a tip "I liked the whole notion of the movie! I watched the series as well!"

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davidesims shared a tip "One of the best adaptations/interpretations of a novel I’ve ever seen. Excellent!"

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michelle_khayat shared a tip "Superb performance by Amy Adams. Beautifully captured."

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laycee_sears shared a tip "YES! THIS! As someone who works in Psych, this portrays mental illness perfectly x2, and has the bonus of crime and suspense."

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caiti_levy shared a tip "@ryanlevy06 also this one"

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chinalee_saulen shared a tip "Crazy twist. Suspenseful!"

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ashleigh_davidson shared a tip "Didn’t see the ending coming. Read for a surprise!"

jeff_lavender shared a tip "Very well acted."

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aylin__g shared a tip "The book was great, but as usual… the movie wasn’t 😪"

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charliewithasemicolon shared a tip "I recommend watching this movie a second time for a different experience."

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liz_guts shared a tip "It is an amazing movie with slight action it is a great psychological thriller!"

vic_baez shared a tip "i thought it was slow in all honesty, but the story was obviously crazy"

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m_salzer shared a tip "Movie was decent. The book was way better (obviously)!"

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amy_szyjakowski shared a tip "Suspenseful, very entertaining!"

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sommer_brooke shared a tip "Beautifully done, incredible acting, a movie I could watch again and again."

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eunice_longworth shared a tip "Amy Adam's is brilliant in this psychological thriller"

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lori_knapp_radwin shared a tip "A decent psychological thriller but the ending was not great. Amy Adam’s was superb! I jumped a few times. Worth the time."

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isabella_rangel shared a tip "I can't even describe how good this was."

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danacz shared a tip "I liked it. A lot of twists and turns…not super predictable."

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kim_gilliland_8528 shared a tip "Sooo good. Really quick read. Keeps you guessing."

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sonja_fafaj shared a tip "It’s a great read for those who like suspense and a psychological thriller."

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kathleen_davies_8956 shared a tip "Loved the book. Can not wait to see the film!"

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cindy_cain shared a tip "It has some unexpected twists and turns. An emotional experience"

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deepak_v shared a tip "Pretty good movie. The acting was spot on. The end was predictable even with the twist."

wendy_gray shared a tip "Twist and turns"

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danielle_bassi shared a tip "This movie had so many unexpected twists. Definitely one to keep you on the edge of your seat."

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albert_skretka shared a tip "It was ok but I probably wouldn't recommend."

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cecelia_rabena shared a tip "If you like mind twisting thrillers this is for you."

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diane_koska shared a tip "Very suspenseful!"

Mad_Angel07 shared a tip "I enjoyed this new take on Rear Window"

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danielle_lively shared a tip "Bonus: Gary Oldman (Harry Potter series, The Fifth Element) has a small role. The movie was just ok."

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jamie_sabilia shared a tip "Well acted, followed the book very closely. Really enjoyed it. Love Amy Adams."

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jessica_kyle shared a tip "The whole thing was so suspenseful I dont think I had a favorite part. It was a very good movie."

elizabeth_diaz_4078 shared a tip "Right? Me too!"

shae_lee_steinbock shared a tip "I haven’t read the book but I know the book was definitely better. I watched it without reading the book first."

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angie_green_4319 shared a tip "This was meh. I didn't NOT like it. But it was a bit predictable and a little too close to Rear Window."

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janis_mcnamara shared a tip "Started the book and decided to watch the movie. Going to finish the book and hope it's as good as the movie!"

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how_about_no shared a tip "Nice twist. Story fell together smoothly."

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haleigh_vahlbusch shared a tip "It’s a one day kind of book. Loved it."

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erin_pallach shared a tip "It was pretty good but the book was way better."

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BluEyz shared a tip

jennifer_richey shared a tip "I actually haven’t seen it but I read the book. It starts out slow but it’s worth it."

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katie_hiles_6950 shared a tip "This book was AMAZING can’t wait to see the movie"

vanessa_cichelly_na shared a tip "Can’t wait to watch after reading this book!!"

vanessa_cichelly_na shared a tip "Can’t wait to watch after reading the amazing book and so excited!!"

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gloria_alsop shared a tip "Interesting ending"

allison_spencer_5457 shared a tip "such a good movie obsesseddd"

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amy_stevens_2423 shared a tip "It followed the book pretty closely!"

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teresa_jones_5207 shared a tip "Awesome!"