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The seemingly invincible Spider-Man goes up against an all-new crop of villains—including the shape-shifting Sandman. While Spider-Man’s superpowers are altered by an alien organism, his alter ego, Peter Parker, deals with nemesis Eddie Brock and also gets caught up in a love triangle.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2007-05-01

Runtime 139 minutes

Budget $0.3b

Revenue $0.9b


TMDB 6.4


Errika Mason's profile image

errika_mason shared a tip "This movie was a mess. There were too many characters for too little plot. There should have been just one villain."

Jacob Thiessen's profile image

jacob_thiessen_4693 shared a tip "A guilty pleasure of mine."

Jim Woehr's profile image

jim_woehr shared a tip "So much potential wasted in a flawed 3rd movie. Evil Spider-Man should have been more bad ass and less dorky."

Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "First half is better than the second half."

sharon_hedden shared a tip "For me, a complete let down."

Seth Flanders's profile image

seth_flanders shared a tip "Grew up with it, my favorite of Toby’s trio"

Lazy_I 's profile image

lazy_i shared a tip "Pretty goofy movie. Definitely the worst of the Sam Rami trilogy, but it has its own kinda weird charm to it."

tundra archer's profile image

tundra_archer shared a tip ""Oh look, it's a little goblin junior. Gonna cry?""

jordan_santos_4410 shared a tip "Too complex and ridiculous (I’m looking at you Emo Spidey)"

penelope_bee shared a tip "Yeah, this ain’t it."

charlotte_lasek shared a tip "Omg too many villains and plots. And emo Peter 🙄😬 The worst of the Tobey Maguire trilogy."

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "Loved!"

Craig Koffler's profile image

craig_koffler_114 shared a tip "It could have been better but it is still the last one of the tobey movies and still has some memorable moments"

emily_197 shared a tip "SO GOOD! I love everything spider-man, but these first three are exceptionally good!"

For You's profile image

for_you_2325 shared a tip "Classic movie and good"

Olwen Morton's profile image

olwen_morton shared a tip "It may be the WORST out of the trilogy by far it is still awesome and the most rewatchable"

MarkPlayz 's profile image

markplayz shared a tip "I hope this movie saves"

Christopher Roy's profile image

christopher_roy shared a tip "Umm I would have to say I don’t have one"

Jessie Matthiesen's profile image

jessie_matthiesen shared a tip "Gotta love the original Raimi trilogy"

Gamecreator2002 's profile image

gamecreator2002 shared a tip "Not gonna lie, I just liked it for nostalgia and for the fact that I love Spider-Man 😁"

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abel_lopez_5864 shared a tip "Do you love this movie like me"

styles_aj shared a tip "Hthht"

oliver_hook shared a tip "This movie was good because I like the venom and the transformation into sandman."

abel_lopez_6374 shared a tip "Best movie ever they brought Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy and venom it was a great movie"

Adam Tetreault's profile image

adam_tetreault shared a tip "Venom’s weird, Peter does a cringy dance, its pretty good"

summer guay's profile image

summer_guay shared a tip "i like all of the spiderman movies!! my personal favorites are the andrew garfield ones but tobey’s movies are a close second"

Vanessa Ortiz's profile image

vanessa_ortiz shared a tip "It is verry good I recommend to watch it"

Wandaeli Rodriguez's profile image

wandamaria shared a tip "#superheroes entre el bien y el mal"

Treesbane 's profile image

treesbane shared a tip "It's fun and action packed!"

david_broderick shared a tip "Love all the Spiderman movies"

Queen sierra 's profile image

queen_sierra shared a tip "Im just a really big spiderman fan i love spiderman so i love all the spiderman movies"

Chewy Bear's profile image

chewy_bear shared a tip "Imma put some dirt in your eye."

tristen_young shared a tip "My favorite part is when he starts turning bad because of the symbiote"

alexandra_thomson_8940 shared a tip "ITS AMAZING!! My favorite out of the 3 Tobey Maguire Spider-Man’s 🥰"

seth 's profile image

decentcreature shared a tip "absolute masterpiece"

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