Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey poster


An imaginary world comes to life in a holiday tale of an eccentric toymaker, his adventurous granddaughter, and a magical invention that has the power to change their lives forever.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2020-11-06

Runtime 122 minutes


TMDB 6.6


Becca Sangwin's profile image

becca_sangwin shared a tip "Loved this! Such a sweet story!"

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lilly_7251 shared a tip "Such an amazing, magical, beautiful movie!"

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juanito shared a tip "Perfect to watch with the family. #christmas"

christie_biggers shared a tip "Hear me out! I thought it would be corny but I put it on for the kids and I loved it more than they did."

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dax_bayler shared a tip "Legit made me believe that life has the ability to be magical. This is so gloriously wonderful and i can't recommend enough!"

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tanzene_ali shared a tip "so cute! great music!"

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jennifer_madrigal shared a tip "❤️ such a warm xmas movie great to watch with entire family ❤️#magic #kids_and_family"

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carrie_hess shared a tip "Heartwarming with terrific music!!"

Lindsey Hanna's profile image

lindsey_hanna_5760 shared a tip "Beautiful music and story. And the costumes, just wow."

nikki_cureton shared a tip "Excellent new Christmas favorite! Great movie to watch with the family! Loved it!"

klarissa_shaninghouse shared a tip "Good from beginning to end, the telling of the story, singing and the dancing and the message of the movie just have to believe"

Mari.🤤👅 's profile image

mari_babes. shared a tip "It was a great movie!! 💜💜"

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celisse_frazier shared a tip "This movie was very nice and calming. Different from the usual Christmas movies. #familymusical"

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tayler_tate shared a tip "It's a Christmas movie lol"

Kathy Lovingshimer's profile image

kathy_lovingshimer shared a tip "Was a good movie."

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maria_molinari shared a tip "This movie was by far my favorite Christmas movie of 2020!"

chaka_chaka shared a tip "Loved it"

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melanie_mangone shared a tip "It was such a fun Christmas movie too watch with the family"

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wrestletopiatv shared a tip "My 5 year old daughter enjoyed this."

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courtney_nunnally shared a tip "Absolutely wonderful"

Kristie Strieby's profile image

kristie_strieby shared a tip "A definite must see, great music and acting. Great feel good movie!"

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erin_vilar shared a tip "New and different yet maintains a true spirit of the season."

kayla_4911 shared a tip "This movie was beyond amazing and is inspiring#music"

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thee_izzy shared a tip "Lovely"

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candace_johnson_4999 shared a tip "This is such a great movie!"

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joseph_carwile shared a tip "It would have to be when they went through the fan."

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amber_nicole_1922 shared a tip "Loved*"

Amber Nicole's profile image

amber_nicole_1922 shared a tip "Seriously so good koved everything 🙌"

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silvio_potosme shared a tip "Very creative and nice"

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amy_pressey shared a tip "Very cute soundtrack. Great acting. Perfect Christmas movie."

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dawn_allynn shared a tip "Great family musical movie. Fun and imaginative."

Kristen Frost's profile image

kristen_frost shared a tip "Magical christmas movie"

Kyla Ren's profile image

kyla_ren shared a tip "A brilliant new christmas classic"

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joelvincent shared a tip "Fun original Christmas musical"

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katrina_mackey shared a tip "Classy new Christmas Classic! A Musical must watch!"

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kami_rose_4793 shared a tip "#cuteandfunny"

marmar_4631 shared a tip "This is a nice movie"

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jlow_love shared a tip "Wonderful movie to snuggle up with them babies on the couch♥️"

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friendlybrownboy shared a tip "Amazing movie!"

Lyssa Mendenhall's profile image

lyssa_mendenhall shared a tip "It's cute, it's catchy, and worth the watch."

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alisha_davis_663 shared a tip "So good! This is an instant Christmas classic."

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taylor_gardener shared a tip "This years christmas movie with a great cast"

awesome_user_227322 shared a tip "I LOVE IT"

Gervais Jeffrie's profile image

gervais_jeffrie shared a tip "My new xmas movie"

maranda_samaroo shared a tip "Loved this"

jocelyn_hill shared a tip "Its so cute! I loved it!👍🏽"

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joseph_groves shared a tip "A perfect movie for the holidays for all ages! Love the stroy, very inspiring. 🙃 #jinglejangle"

Jaidah Temple's profile image

jaidah_temple shared a tip "Such a sweet family movie"

savs shared a tip "this was realt good for a family movie night"

danielle_larson_7326 shared a tip "Magical and colorful!"

audrey_kee shared a tip "Cute story, hard to get into at first but gets much better. The musical part isn’t too overwhelming either."

corlan shared a tip "Don’t really have a comment really good to watch though"

Breanna Gallardo's profile image

breanna_gallardo shared a tip "Story was cute. Music was amazing. Cast was on point. Might have to add this to my holdiay favorites :)"

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vanessa_ramzy shared a tip "Verry heartfelt movie"

kelsey_shiba shared a tip "Incredible performances with strong voices!"

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carrie_lambert shared a tip "Great family movie"

Mark Sibley's profile image

mark_sibley shared a tip "Dec 19"

Angelea Walls's profile image

angelea_walls shared a tip "The kids loved it 💜"

Charity Calhoun's profile image

charity_calhoun shared a tip "This movie took me on an adventure and I loved every moment of it."

Charity Calhoun's profile image

charity_calhoun shared a tip "This movie took me on an adventure and I loved every moment of it."

Sin4 TV's profile image

sin4_tv shared a tip "Great movie always have to belive"

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christy_holland_7388 shared a tip "@this is a wonderful family show it's something to watch if you love fantasy you'll love this miracle can happen"

clara_m. shared a tip "Loved the diverse cast. The story was moving and the music was fabulous."

Crystal Chavez's profile image

crystal_chavez_3581 shared a tip "It was bery entertaining"

lexa_gutierrez shared a tip "Really good musical. Got me into the 🎄CHRISTMAS SPIRIT🎄."

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rylee_cummings_3280 shared a tip "Super funny"

Christian Roseboro's profile image

christian_roseboro shared a tip "Because it was abouf believing not giving up"

John Escolero's profile image

john_escolero shared a tip "Loved this music it had great color, imagination and songs. My favorite was square root of possible"

Bj's life's profile image

bjs_life shared a tip "Itz. Good it has black people in it and interested me"

NETTA BOO PITT NINO'S WIFE #1's profile image

netta_boo_pitt_nino shared a tip "It was great"

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john_ham shared a tip "This is quite frankly, the ONLY GOOD Christmas movie I've ever seen. ^_^"

alejandra_marie_oca shared a tip "Its about loving your family its also like a musical they sing too much but is pretty good"

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angi_fowlkes shared a tip "Great family movie. Excellent music, cinematography and acting. Loved it. New generation of holiday magic."

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andrea_chanique shared a tip "Amazing"

naikia_green shared a tip "Wonderful story full of magical and whimsical themes! Great christmas story to add to the maathon!"

Kaytheaquaris Yt's profile image

kaytheaquaris_yt shared a tip "I like the acting in the movie, and the singing."

Betsie Mozurak's profile image

betsie_mozurak shared a tip "great music and theme"

kaite_koll shared a tip "Its just amazing"

Syd Brodie's profile image

syd_brodie shared a tip "YES YES YES YES! It has The Greatest Showman vibes, and the cast is mostly African American for my black folks."

Declodian Alv's profile image

declodian_alv shared a tip "Great movie. Very good"

california_ shared a tip "Very soulful"

Jennifer Horne's profile image

jennifer_horne_5193 shared a tip "Awesome movie. Great music. Good msg. New holiday favorite."

blake_ducharme shared a tip "It was ok"

life as karissa and summer vlogz's profile image

life_as_karissa_and shared a tip "I love the vibe to it. It had a good story line and it put a smile on my gace. I lived all the songs and tge inspiration"

life as karissa and summer vlogz's profile image

life_as_karissa_and shared a tip "Face* loved* the*"

Lucy Stelter's profile image

lucy_stelter shared a tip "Loved the music and the actressnthat played journey was amazing"

Yesenia Morales's profile image

yesenia_morales shared a tip "Christmas, and its about forgiveness, love and the magic of family and friends."

Amber Hewett's profile image

amber_hewett shared a tip "Best movie ever!"

Meghan Bonczkowski's profile image

meghan_bonczkowski shared a tip "Magical and empowering!"

LadyNaye 's profile image

ladynaye shared a tip "Really enjoyed this movie!"

dominic_lyons shared a tip "Good"

rylie_mcdonough shared a tip "So good watching right now"

**Worldwidely_in_love** 's profile image

worldwidely_in_love shared a tip "In my opinion the part we’re they save buddy and the end when everyone is flying and she’s a grandma now☺️"

alliza_clark shared a tip "Adorable movie i loved it!"

angel_alexander_1342 shared a tip "Amazingly done, great cast, and energetic story!"

Jolene  McClellan 's profile image

jolene_mcclellan shared a tip "Music"

Aprica Clark's profile image

aprica_clark shared a tip "Wonderful storyline and phenominal music soundtrack. It was fun and heartwarming. Family loved it!"

Sophia Liedtke's profile image

sophia_liedtke shared a tip "It was amazing I watched it four times"

awesome_user_261183 shared a tip "Black excellence 😍👏🏼👏🏼"

Lynn Williams Felton's profile image

lynn_williams_felton shared a tip "Sure to be a Christmas Staple."

maryam_kamil shared a tip "Loved it"

Jennifer Pyles's profile image

jennifer_pyles shared a tip "Great plot and music"

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alexis_young_9100 shared a tip "Amazing!!! Great music and choreography!"

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savonnah_price shared a tip "Great movie to watch"

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kat_henry_1529 shared a tip "It's absolutely magical."

Kelley Jackson's profile image

kelley_jackson shared a tip "Great story"

dechelle_lindsey shared a tip "It was cute but you must like musicals"

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ophelia_rose shared a tip "Very magical my niece love it!"

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