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I'm just a girl who loves all things entertainment. I'm willing to give anything, be it book, movie, show or podcast, at least one chance!


Not usually a fan of non-fiction, but I enjoyed this book. I was assigned this last year for class, and like most modern students do with assigned readings, I neglected to read it. I’m glad I did now. It’s a very deep, philosophical book that really makes you think about the world, especially society in America. Highly encourage everyone to read it. Not only is it a good read, but a quick one as well!

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The Fire Next Time

Books | James Baldwin

This book had me SHRIEKING!!!! It had everything I adore in a Young Adult Fantasy novel!! High stakes, compelling world building, complex characters! Isla was such an easy protagonist to root for. I felt for her throughout. I was giddy when she started to fall in love. I was scared when she was risking her life. I cried when she cried. Also, can we talk about the TROPES???? It had all my favorites!! Enemies to lovers, love triangle (but in a heart wrenching way, not in a cheesy Twilight/Hunger Games kind of way), girl who doesn’t believe in love (but of course finds it), and so many more. Now for the SPOILER ALERT: I really didn’t know who to root for: Oro or Grim? It was like my heart just couldn’t decide, just like Isla. Every time I preferred one, I felt like I was betraying the other. But in other news, this book gave me ONE HELL OF A PLOT TWIST! I had a sinking feeling toward the beginning that Celeste would betray Isla (I was praying I was wrong) but the fact that she was actually AURORA?? And that GRIM AND POPPY AND TERRA betrayed her too??? I was absolutely floored. Both my girl Isla and I cannot trust anyone but my main man Oro. (Though I still have a place in my broken heart for Grim, just like Isla) I literally cannot wait to see what happens in the next book (and what is in that damn vault)!!! God, I hate cliffhangers!!! 10/10 read though! I really don’t understand why so many have been hating on it. Sure, sometimes the writing came off juvenile but I was entertained and it offered an amazing escape from real life, and isn’t that why we read in the first place? People need to chill

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Lightlark (Book 1)

Books | Alex Aster

REWATCH: I seriously love this movie. Chantry and Wallace are so adorkable as a couple and the chemistry in this movie is so organic. Daniel Radcliffe needs to be in more rom-come ASAP and any movie with Adam Driver is immediately true cinema. Chef’s kiss 😘🤌

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What If

Movies | Drama

Really liked this movie! Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher have very similar energies as actors and their comedic rhythms really bounced off each other’s nicely. The plot of them being forced to stay married for six months was entertaining but not so outlandish that I couldn’t find it believable.

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What Happens in Vegas

Movies | Comedy

This movie will go down in history as having one of the most attractive casts ever assembled. Why are they all so ridiculously good looking??? Especially, Robert Sean Leonard. I love a man in uniform! In all seriousness, I loved this film. It gave me so many warm and fuzzies. It felt classic and timeless, yet entertaining like all Shakespeare adaptations should. All of the romantic pairings had great chemistry. All of the actors spoke the Shakespearean words well, but performed them in a way that made them understandable even to those who are unfamiliar with his text. I think Much Ado About Nothing might be a new favorite Shakespearean play of mine. Side note: why do so many of his plays involve fake deaths and joint weddings? Like the man was a genius, but he copy pasted a LOT of his material throughout his works

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Much Ado About Nothing

Movies | Drama

I find it hard not to like any Shakespeare adaptation, and this one was no different! I found the Japanese setting intriguing. It added some layers to the over all story. Plus the cinematography of it was gorgeous. The entire cast was exceptional, with Bryce Dallas Howard’s performance shining above them all. I especially loved her 4th wall breaking monologue at the end of the film where she walks into her trailer both as Bryce and Rosalind.

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As You Like It

Movies | Comedy

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