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William Thacker is a London bookstore owner whose humdrum existence is thrown into romantic turmoil when famous American actress Anna Scott appears in his shop. A chance encounter over spilled orange juice leads to a kiss that blossoms into a full-blown affair. As the average bloke and glamorous mov

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 1999-05-21

Runtime 124 minutes

Budget $42m

Revenue $0.4b


TMDB 7.3


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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming on HBO Go"

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emily_munro_2508 shared a tip "A classic rom com with a little English flair. Still one of my all time favorites. 💘"

iva_earl shared a tip "Love Hugh Grant! One of my favorite romcoms"

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olivet_ina shared a tip "Starts out very strong, quite funny. Gets a little to sappy & cliché as it goes. Overall a good romcom."

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missy_jent shared a tip "Wonderful movie"

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kathleen_caste shared a tip "Hugh Grant being adorable"

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SistaTiph shared a tip "loo"

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dev_cano shared a tip "Hugh Grant films are a must for a mix of humor and heartwarming moments"

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monique_contreras shared a tip "This movie is filled with love, romance, affection, comedy, friendship, profession, and humor."

lorisa_griffith shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite movies. #nottinghill #hughgrant #romance #julia_roberts"

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abby_swain shared a tip "#romance #funny"

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regina1026 shared a tip "A sweet, romantic movie. I love Hugh Grant in this movie."

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lulu_f shared a tip "One of my top 10's!"

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jessica_fritzsche_3879 shared a tip "Love Julia Roberts!"

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darrin_domoney shared a tip "My favorite of all time."

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BookNerd4Life shared a tip "✅"

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shahanaz_bhuiyan shared a tip "One of the best film ever! 💜"

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laura_stjohn shared a tip "One of my favorite movies!!"

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kirstin_mcwhorter shared a tip "*off key* when you say nothing at aLlLLLLLLLllL"

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gera-lann_harvey shared a tip "This is a great rom- com. I love hugh grant It's old school though"

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sue_merrell shared a tip "Leap Year. It’s another favorite. 😀"

kimberly_whitehead_2224 shared a tip "It’s been a few years since I saw it, but I thought it was good"

c_nichols shared a tip "It sure is! I'm now watching "Under the Banner of Heaven". I have to say, so far so good. On Ep. 3 now."

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melissa_ann_martin shared a tip "Love this movie!!"

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emmy_doherty shared a tip ""I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her" Romantic comedy. A must see for any film goer"

katiana_lapointe shared a tip "This is such a comfort movie"

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ariana_goswick shared a tip "Feel good"

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melissa_mcquade shared a tip "Definitely Spike (the roommate)! William (Hugh Grant) is a close 2nd though."

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dawn_puusa shared a tip "One od my favourites. Funny and sweet"

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suzy_stutes shared a tip "Light romantic comedy you want to watch again"

joanne_garside shared a tip "Cute"

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chelsey_trout shared a tip "Your welcome. It's a great movie"

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julie_mallard shared a tip "Thanks! I don’t really have a favorite movie. The last movie I watched recently that was really good was Hidden Figures."

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mandi_coombs_greer shared a tip "I'm probably the worst at remembering movies. Books I can do."

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rachel_bove shared a tip "So good!"

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robert_david shared a tip ""Brilliant" ,)"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "Love!"

michelle_herrera_5216 shared a tip "Geeat feel good movie"

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ximena_palmero shared a tip "Julia roberts character"

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brooke_tape shared a tip "A classic romance."

stacie_672 shared a tip "Romantic and funny"

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benjamin_smith_5712 shared a tip "Romantic"

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suzanne_scherer shared a tip "It's an awesome chick flick. Romantic, sad, funny all the feels"

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andrea_neptune-char shared a tip "One of my favorite movies!!"

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christina_drain shared a tip "One of my "comfort" movies. Great to watch over and over again."

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sarah_ditullio shared a tip "You really can’t get much better than this movie when searching for a rom-com! I love it so much!"

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gaby_gutka shared a tip "One of my favorites of all time! Lovely movie!"

whitney_powell_9219 shared a tip "It’s one of my all time favorite movies. Sweet and witty characters and so well written"

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martha_alvillar shared a tip "It was funny and romantic"

kim_barton_4387 shared a tip "Shawshank Redemption is my favourite movie. What about you?"

kate_klimist shared a tip "This is one of my favorite movies!! It’s a classic."

heike shared a tip "I pretty much enjoy all Julia Roberts movies, like Pretty Women. How about you?"

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kawaii_sisters_904 shared a tip "Liked the movie and the ending was great but every time she ended things with him a part of me died"

natasha_charpentier shared a tip "Feel good movie for a rainy day."

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miriam_hooper shared a tip "It’s nice! I like it more for the aesthetic but it’s a classic romance movie"

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shannon_miller_8114 shared a tip "A walk to remember"

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melissa_dela_pena shared a tip "A classic!"

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autumn_morgan_2978 shared a tip "Probably in my top 10 favorite movies."

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rada_kovacevic shared a tip "I really like it"

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beck_vd shared a tip "I always go back to this such a relaxing watch.."

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steve_adams_1472 shared a tip "Ryhs Ifans Spike stole the show"

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emily_mumford shared a tip "It’s a classic rom com!! Can’t go wrong with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant!!"

sadie_4642 shared a tip "It’s great! Such a sweet story"

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stephanie_g_9867 shared a tip "How about you?"

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tami_dodson shared a tip "It’s probably my all time favorite movie"

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jillian_geary shared a tip "I love Hugh Grant!!!"

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andi_ackley shared a tip "I love Nottingham Hill. Great romcom"

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ann_marie_3218 shared a tip "A tad older but still love!!"

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austin_merade shared a tip "Serendipity"

anita_beasley shared a tip "The scene when they first happen onto the garden. 🤣"

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isabelle_posner-bro shared a tip "Anything by julia roberts is so so good"

kearya_mceuen shared a tip "Sick day favorite!"

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emma_maureen_ramlak shared a tip "It is a really sweet movie, simple romance"

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