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The first book in the #1 New York Times- and USA Today-Bestselling Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer! See where the futuristic YA fairytale saga all began, with the tale of a teenage cyborg who must fight for Earth's survival against villains from outer space. "An interesting mash up of fairy

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Author Marissa Meyer

Pages 390

Publisher Macmillan

Published Date 2013-01-08

ISBN 1250007208 9781250007209


Google 4.0


Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Very good read, definitely a chilling read too!"

Nikki Nienhaus's profile image

nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "I loved this whole series! It’s so creative and engaging."

A Broke Book Buyer's profile image

BrokeBookBuyer shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Bookworm567 's profile image

bookworm68372 shared a tip "All of the ships ❤️💖"

Moni 's profile image

fantasygrl shared a tip "This was such a great book!"

Emma Geiler's profile image

emma_geiler shared a tip "Started: Nov. 26 | Finished: Dec. 6 | Pages: 387"

Avery 's profile image

avery_755 shared a tip "Loved this book. Cliffhanger at the end is the best"

Isabella Faggioli's profile image

isabella_faggioli shared a tip "I read this right as Covid started and it scared the s#@$ out of me. But I still really liked the book."

Vanillla Bean ASMR's profile image

vanillla_bean_asmr shared a tip "So boring lol."

Dana Bruno's profile image

dana_bruno shared a tip "One of my favorite books!!"

Eric G's profile image

eric_gwinn shared a tip "This series is amazing it literally has everything, best young adult sci-fi romance ever written."

Lindyy 's profile image

lindyy shared a tip "Yay!!! I live the series"

sandra_mccormack shared a tip "Good series."

Vicki S.'s profile image

Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#scifi #youngadult #romance #fairytale #remix #adaptations #cyborg"

Shayla Smith's profile image

shayla_smith_5679 shared a tip "I love this book. There is a cliffhanger sort of, but that's okay since there is the next book out already."

riss 's profile image

faebae shared a tip "i loved it!! so excited for the adaptation"

saturn_glazener shared a tip "i love urban fantasy and this book is an amazing example"

Cecily Williams's profile image

cecilyjoywilliams shared a tip "Scifi retelling of Cinderella with a moon wars, AIs, and cyborg main character"

Sarah Elzabet's profile image

sarah_elzabet shared a tip "currently reading “I know your secret” it’s rlly good! You should check it out"

Lidia Lou's profile image

LidiaLou shared a tip "It’s really good!"

Lexi 's profile image

lexi_raye_ shared a tip "I read this in three days (I would have read it in 2, but I was busy) it's a great book if you love Cinderella themed stories"

brooke 's profile image

brooklyn_swarey shared a tip "is Cinder worth reading?"

sam_lavarin shared a tip "Definitely: A touch of Darkness"

Hailey Elizabeth's profile image

hailey_sutherland shared a tip "One of the best fairy tale rewrite series"

Madelyn Pena's profile image

madelyn_pena shared a tip "My debut into young adult novels"

Cindy Miller's profile image

cindy_miller_9168 shared a tip "Such and interesting concept. Loved reading this."

yahaira_r shared a tip "I loved the sci-fi spin on a classic tale."

Kayla 's profile image

kayjzz shared a tip "was literally obsessed with this series in middle school"

Ava 's profile image

ava_foley_5505 shared a tip "Very good twisted fairytale with an interesting storyline and exciting events"

Alaina J.'s profile image

alaina_j. shared a tip "Is this book good? I got it over the weekend, and I’ve heard good things about it, and I’ve wanted to read it for forever."

Chris Franklin's profile image

chris_franklin_1500 shared a tip "Love this series!!"

Stephanie Dumais's profile image

stephanie_dumais_779 shared a tip "Yes! I have read the entire series multiple times! It’s got fairly tales, cyborgs, dystopian societies, ugh love it so much! Lol"

💸🤍ThatLibraBookWorm🤍💸 's profile image

ugly_frog shared a tip "Is this book fantasy of sci-fi?!?"

Sugalime 's profile image

its__limmie shared a tip "Really good book."

Jaden Gilroy's profile image

jaden_gilroy shared a tip "I just finished Scarlet and am reading Cress, the second and third books in the series, they're good too!"

p b's profile image

p_b_355 shared a tip "Definately addicting"

Book Lover's profile image

book_lover_9767 shared a tip "Love the plot twist!"

rachel_smith_4371 shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERIES. It’s Disney worries with a twist."

Leighla Sisson's profile image

leighla_sisson shared a tip "I read the whole series in highschool! They’re really good reads!"

Katherine Webb's profile image

kaw shared a tip "One of favorite books!"

Kiriaky Dallas's profile image

kiriaky_dallas shared a tip "Couldn’t love anything more!"

Khorren mickler's profile image

khorren_mickler shared a tip "The whole series is AMAZING"

ur mum's profile image

ur_mum_5310 shared a tip "PERIOD THIS IS GOOD"

Lauren Ruby's profile image

lauren_ruby shared a tip "I recommend the whole series! Love it so much!"

Sara Talavera 's profile image

sara_talavera_ shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series!"

Becca Owens's profile image

becca_owens_5676 shared a tip "Crest I think is mine"

Hannah Reis's profile image

hannah_reis_2627 shared a tip "Can we get more lunar chronicles love? 🥺❤️"

TikTok Mashups's profile image

tiktok_mashups_1498 shared a tip "This was awesome! Love the plot twist of this book. I TOTALLY recommend, it's such a good novel. Romance. Teen novel. Fantasy."

eileen_lestrange shared a tip "Great detail"

ashley_jentink_3444 shared a tip "Loved, loved, loved!"

alanna_hamm shared a tip "The series is so difficult to put down"

Maria Ali's profile image

maria_ali shared a tip "Scarlet. I read it twice. Lol. I also like the prequel Fairest. It's pretty good."

Emma Louise's profile image

artisticfacade shared a tip "read the whole series and LOVED it all!"

natalie learning's profile image

natalie_learning shared a tip "i really like this book but it was very predictable"

Hailey Bentivegna's profile image

hailey_bentivegna shared a tip "Loved the book and the rest of the series!"

Keira Potts's profile image

keira_potts shared a tip "I loved this book, and the whole series."

astrid_salazar shared a tip "Hooked me from the start! Such a great book, can't wait to finish the series!"

razan_mohamed shared a tip "The bookish life of Nina hill is really good!"

Adaora Olisa's profile image

adaora_olisa shared a tip "Loved this book! Would highly recommend the series!"

Onyinye Ofunwa's profile image

onyinye_ofunwa shared a tip "The plot, the characters, just everything!!!"

Julie Dishon's profile image

julie_dishon shared a tip "One of the best series on a very different take on the fairy tale!!"

Meghan Chickos's profile image

meghan_chickos shared a tip "I loved it"

Samantha 's profile image

samantha_3414 shared a tip "I love this series. I’ve reread it a few times. I may do another reread soon!"

Zara Sarfraz's profile image

zara_sarfraz shared a tip "Omg I am literally in love with this book"

christa_scott shared a tip "red queen series or shatter me. (kinda basic, ik, but definitely staples)"

Gabrielle Robertson's profile image

gabrielle_robertson shared a tip "The whole lunar chronicles series is a wonderful read"

Danni 's profile image

chroniclesdanni143 shared a tip "I do. I like this author a lot."

Janell Anderson's profile image

janell_anderson shared a tip "The first was my favorite too. It hooked me, and I think I finished all four books in one week!"

brianna marie's profile image

brianna_marie_5978 shared a tip "interesting plot, slowburn, all charactors are complex, not just mc. well written."

Hailey Tweter's profile image

hailey_tweter shared a tip "Fairytale meets sci-fi. Your inner disney princess loving child will love this but the young adult you will still like it a lot ❤"

Raye Ash's profile image

raye_ash shared a tip "Honestly a really good read I finished it all in a day. It really kept me interested."

Kaitlyn Comer's profile image

kaitlyn_comer shared a tip "Such a new and inventive retelling. The world building and characters growth are amazing!"

Natasha Tomes's profile image

natasha_tomes shared a tip "I'm not sure. I enjoyed it as a whole"

Carl Murphy's profile image

carl_murphy shared a tip "Love the sci-fi twist on a childhood classic, enjoyed this book."

Remei Smith's profile image

remei_smith shared a tip "Characters are all amazing, great plot, romance is great 💕"

Kennidy Denis's profile image

kennidy_denis shared a tip "The unwind series is really good and falls into the same genre as the lunar chronicles"

Amanda B's profile image

amandaa_b shared a tip "Amazing series to get into"

Libni Gal's profile image

libni_gal shared a tip "Absolutely, yes."

Cora Reagan's profile image

cora_reagan shared a tip "Personally right now loving the crave series by tracy wolffe, they are addicting books."

Anna G. Miller's profile image

anna_g._miller shared a tip "I really like how the after takes an old school fairy tale and transforms it into a Acton packed Scifi futuristic masterpiece"

Alexis Williams's profile image

alexis_williams_9793 shared a tip "probably queen lavana and torin, did u read it, who were your least favorite?"

olivia_ewers shared a tip "OMG SO GOOD 5 STARS!"

ella 's profile image

ella_lizzie shared a tip "This whole series is probably my favorites I’ve read this year It’s SO good"

Char Limmy 's profile image

char_lysy shared a tip "100%! Marissa Meyer does a great job of world building to kickoff the Lunar Chronicles with this book. So easy to get lost in"

ANNA STONE's profile image

anna_stone_9046 shared a tip "You should read the hazelwood high trilogy. I'm reading the second one and it is amazing so far."

Erin Torok's profile image

erin_torok shared a tip "Ofc"

saphira_grace shared a tip "An excellent twist on the Cinderella story!! Highly recommend, and I intend to read the rest of the Lunar Chronicles as well"

Ligia Cushman's profile image

ligia_cushman shared a tip "🤎🤎"

Autumn 's profile image

autumn_794 shared a tip "Amazing"

Octavia 's profile image

tavimusic shared a tip "Ohhh I love it I definitely recommend it!!"

mallory_webb shared a tip "It’s not just another Cinderella story."

Charity Whitaker's profile image

charity_whitaker shared a tip "Cress is my favorite, probably bc thorne. Hbu?"

Aubrey Czaja's profile image

aubrey_czaja shared a tip "Yes I've read the whole series"

lydia_bucher shared a tip "I was glued to the book! Very entertaining! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!"

aurora_hans shared a tip "My favorite, personally, is Scarlet. I like the character arc that Wolf has, and Scarlet is my favorite character."

Ruby Hart's profile image

ruby_hart shared a tip "You want a twist on the classic fairytales you grew up with? Start with Cinder then read the rest of you like it!"

priyanka_kale shared a tip "I really like the way she wrote this series for sure. But I haven't really read anything else by her."

Patricca Zyski's profile image

patricca_zyski shared a tip "Well it's a series. So I love all of them."

Kami Cross's profile image

kami_cross shared a tip "Cinder by far 😁"

Brenda Ramírez's profile image

brenda_ramrez shared a tip "I enjoyed it having cyborgs instead off being the typical princess movie."

Shine account's profile image

shine_account shared a tip "It's a very good book and i really liked it when i was younger.#fantasy #fairy_tales_and_folklore"

Sofia Galvan's profile image

sofia_galvan_7558 shared a tip "Great mix between Science fiction, dystopian, and romance. Love the characters great series."

Mollie Bade's profile image

mollie_bade shared a tip "It gives a twist to your ordinary fairy tales!! Love the Lunar Chronicals series!!"

nicole_9712 shared a tip "It's a tie for me. Cinder and Winter were my faves."

Elena Ray's profile image

elena_ray shared a tip "I think the ending was the perfect about of tense and enigmatic that made me want to find the next book and continue the series."

emily eleanor's profile image

emily_eleanor shared a tip "I liked how interesting the world building was"

Jocelyn Sailas's profile image

jocelyn_sailas shared a tip "I don't think I could ever pick. This is my favorite book of the whole series, but the the whole series is amazing."

Valeria Chavez's profile image

valeria_chavez shared a tip "It was a really good book in general, and a really good retelling. Kept me entertained all throughout."

zoe_wedel shared a tip "Really good book for people who like a bit of everything"

Megan Varcoe's profile image

megan_varcoe shared a tip "I don't know what it is about this series, but I love it."

Fitzwilliam Darcy's profile image

fitzwilliam_darcy shared a tip "The Lunar Chronicles: retells Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White in the same sci-fi world."

Catherine Grace's profile image

catherine_grace_6333 shared a tip "Fantastic, Fun, and Adventurous! I recommend it to everyone!"

Jeff Oien's profile image

jeff_oien shared a tip "The Aurora Cycle was my other favorite, along with the rest of the book in this series. I'm in need of more books myself."

julia_6661 shared a tip "Great world to get lost in and the characters will keep you laughing and crying."

Kathleen Matulionis's profile image

kathleen_matulionis shared a tip "Nice blend of science fiction and fantasy @"

SoulinMilk 's profile image

soulinmilk shared a tip "Interesting and has good detail. Cool take on an over done story."

The Citali's profile image

the_citali shared a tip "It's a true page turner."

Madison Helms 's profile image

madison_helms shared a tip "It is a great scfi fantasy book. It's the first book in the series. Definitely recommend. Gonna buy the next book for sure"

Kasey Christiansen's profile image

kasey_christiansen shared a tip "Incredible plot! Read the whole series!"

aneleise_bland shared a tip "YES YES YES DEFINITELY READ BEST SERIES EVER"

Becky Fry's profile image

becky_fry shared a tip "Loved the whole series!"

Jess Gurczynski's profile image

jessie-g shared a tip "If you like YA SciFi I would definitely suggest Crownchasers, Warcross and Starsight!"

Jo 美情's profile image

jovvonna shared a tip "LOOOOVVEEEEEEE"

sophia_viscarello shared a tip "LOVE"

kelly erin's profile image

kelly_erin shared a tip "I thought I would dislike this series, this book, yet I ended up hooked and lost in this world the author created"

Nancy Neria's profile image

nancy_neria shared a tip "yes actually right now im reading Thunderhead by Neal S."

maddie_9514 shared a tip "good, clean ya dystopian"

kadie_8376 shared a tip "It was great!"

Bishop Vierne's profile image

bishop_vierne shared a tip "My kind of book"

elf_9494 shared a tip "It's good fun. The whole series and the side stories are great. And the graphic novels too"

Simrah Q's profile image

simrah_q shared a tip "Amazing series!! I loved it. The beginning starts off a little slow but trust me it gets better!"

Abigail Earl's profile image

abigail_earl shared a tip "The first half of the book was trash, I'm obsessed with the rest of the series!"

Laira Larson's profile image

laira_larson shared a tip "Just finished "They Both Die at the End." True to it's word, it was such a good book, but definitely made me cry a little. :)"

Lynnette 's profile image

lynnettemorales shared a tip "3*"

elanor_copes shared a tip "Very creative, and an amazing dystopian take on the Cinderella fairytale"

Mis Leah's profile image

mis_leah shared a tip "The entire series was a wonderful retelling of classics! Loved!"

gracie grant's profile image

gracie_grant_5345 shared a tip "It’s boring at first but once you read through the entire series you’ll want to read it over and over again"

Linda 's profile image

lilajazzmeoutside shared a tip "Great series!couldn't put it down. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Cass Johnson's profile image

cass_johnson_2785 shared a tip "Its so good! Same writer has other stories too based on other fairy tells and I want to read them also."

Bai Collins's profile image

bai_collins shared a tip "Yes!! The whole series is amazing and there's even a graphic novel!! Highly recommend"

isa_s shared a tip "loved the characters and the plot (even if it was a little predictable)"

Anna Nyeste's profile image

anna_nyeste shared a tip "One of my favorite fantasy series of all time!"

Trinity Hardgrave's profile image

trinity_hardgrave shared a tip "An amazing retelling of Cinderella!!"

Hannah Moore's profile image

hannah_moore_3119 shared a tip "I love when she first went into the doctors for the first time and she was stoped by the prince"

Mars Ramos's profile image

mars_ramos shared a tip "Slightly Cliché but you get attached to the characters so quickly, I love them sm."

Tahi Feinga's profile image

tahi_feinga shared a tip "great story line and character development"

Abby Barben's profile image

abby_barben shared a tip "I really liked the part when Dr. Erland tells her who she really is, and she is shocked. My mouth dropped while reading that.😂"

Brooke B. Wallace's profile image

brooke_b._wallace shared a tip "I love what Mayer did with the Cinderella story!"

Anemu 101's profile image

anemu_101 shared a tip "Good story and buildup of characters"

Rithika Parupalli's profile image

rithika_parupalli shared a tip "It’s probably this book actually"

Ha? ?'s profile image

ha_ shared a tip "not really, I loved all of it"

Rebekah Foderaro's profile image

rebekah_foderaro shared a tip "Definitely worth it. This is one of my favorite book series. It’s so well written!"

Jessica Welch's profile image

jessica_welch_8779 shared a tip "Finished this so quickly! Loved it, can’t wait to continue the series"

Cayla 's profile image

b1zarre shared a tip "Really good dystopian/sci-fi read, 1/4 in Lunar Chronicles"

Kimberly Trine's profile image

kimberly_trine shared a tip "Great series!"

megan_fayard shared a tip "I love the Cinderella remake."

Clare 's profile image

clare_v_9191 shared a tip "It was a very unique take on the classic Cinderella story and I loved the beautiful incorporation of science fiction"

Taylor Rose's profile image

taylor_rose_4791 shared a tip "i started reading this in 7th grade. i’m now a freshman and decided to pick up the series again i can’t get enough of it (:"

katy_gates_5696 shared a tip "Fairy tale"

Alyx Beauchamp's profile image

alyx_beauchamp shared a tip "Oh I completely forgot about these!!! I LOVED them ! Thank you for reminding me :)"

Mackenzie Josephson's profile image

mackenzie_josephson shared a tip "My favorite book series of all time!!! 🥰🥰😍😍"

Megan Humble's profile image

megan_humble_2909 shared a tip "Loved the whole series."

Christa Eckert's profile image

nightfairy19 shared a tip "I loved the characters and the story that ties into fairy tails."

Sara Rowe's profile image

sara_rowe_2664 shared a tip "It’s sooooo good! You’ll love it but hate how some of the characters are treated. That’s how invested you’ll be!"

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