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The first book in the #1 New York Times- and USA Today-Bestselling Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer! See where the futuristic YA fairytale saga all began, with the tale of a teenage cyborg who must fight for Earth's survival against villains from outer space. "An interesting mash up of fairy

Author Marissa Meyer

Pages 390

Publisher Macmillan

Published Date 2013-01-08

ISBN 1250007208 9781250007209

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Cecily Williams's profile image

cecily_williams shared a tip "Scifi retelling of Cinderella with a moon wars, AIs, and cyborg main character"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Very good read, definitely a chilling read too!"

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madelyn_pena shared a tip "My debut into young adult novels"

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libni_gal shared a tip "Absolutely, yes."

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chris_franklin_1500 shared a tip "Love this series!!"

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cindy_miller_9168 shared a tip "Such and interesting concept. Loved reading this."

Stephanie Dumais's profile image

stephanie_dumais_779 shared a tip "Yes! I have read the entire series multiple times! It’s got fairly tales, cyborgs, dystopian societies, ugh love it so much! Lol"

elf_9494 shared a tip "It's good fun. The whole series and the side stories are great. And the graphic novels too"

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cora_reagan shared a tip "Personally right now loving the crave series by tracy wolffe, they are addicting books."

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khorren_mickler shared a tip "The whole series is AMAZING"

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ur_mum_5310 shared a tip "PERIOD THIS IS GOOD"

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lauren_ruby shared a tip "I recommend the whole series! Love it so much!"

Sara Talavera 's profile image

sara_talavera_ shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series!"

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p_b_355 shared a tip "Definately addicting"

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book_lover_9767 shared a tip "Love the plot twist!"

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kennidy_denis shared a tip "The unwind series is really good and falls into the same genre as the lunar chronicles"

Jess Gurczynski's profile image

jessie-g shared a tip "If you like YA SciFi I would definitely suggest Crownchasers, Warcross and Starsight!"

sophia_viscarello shared a tip "LOVE"

kelly erin's profile image

kelly_erin shared a tip "I thought I would dislike this series, this book, yet I ended up hooked and lost in this world the author created"

maddie_9514 shared a tip "good, clean ya dystopian"

Amanda B's profile image

amandaa_b shared a tip "Amazing series to get into"

kadie_8376 shared a tip "It was great!"

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bishop_vierne shared a tip "My kind of book"

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becky_fry shared a tip "Loved the whole series!"

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nancy_neria shared a tip "yes actually right now im reading Thunderhead by Neal S."

Alexis Raye Ewing's profile image

lexi_raye_ shared a tip "I read this in three days (I would have read it in 2, but I was busy) it's a great book if you love Cinderella themed stories"

Abigail Earl's profile image

abigail_earl shared a tip "The first half of the book was trash, I'm obsessed with the rest of the series!"

Laira Larson's profile image

laira_larson shared a tip "Just finished "They Both Die at the End." True to it's word, it was such a good book, but definitely made me cry a little. :)"

Milly Silly's profile image

milly_silly shared a tip "Very different take of fairy tales told in the correct order with adjacent facts"

Anna G. Miller's profile image

anna_g._miller shared a tip "I really like how the after takes an old school fairy tale and transforms it into a Acton packed Scifi futuristic masterpiece"

elanor_copes shared a tip "Very creative, and an amazing dystopian take on the Cinderella fairytale"

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jovvonna shared a tip "LOOOOVVEEEEEEE"

Simrah Q's profile image

simrah_q shared a tip "Amazing series!! I loved it. The beginning starts off a little slow but trust me it gets better!"

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lynnettemorales shared a tip "3*"

Hailey Bentivegna's profile image

hailey_bentivegna shared a tip "Loved the book and the rest of the series!"

Mis Leah's profile image

mis_leah shared a tip "The entire series was a wonderful retelling of classics! Loved!"

natalie learning's profile image

natalie_learning shared a tip "i really like this book but it was very predictable"

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alexis_williams_9793 shared a tip "probably queen lavana and torin, did u read it, who were your least favorite?"

acadia smith's profile image

bookgirl_a shared a tip "If u have never read this, YOU HAVE TO"

Mars Ramos's profile image

mars_ramos shared a tip "Slightly Cliché but you get attached to the characters so quickly, I love them sm."

Rithika Parupalli's profile image

rithika_parupalli shared a tip "It’s probably this book actually"

Rebekah Foderaro's profile image

rebekah_foderaro shared a tip "Definitely worth it. This is one of my favorite book series. It’s so well written!"

olivia_ewers shared a tip "OMG SO GOOD 5 STARS!"

alanna_hamm shared a tip "The series is so difficult to put down"

Maria Ali's profile image

maria_ali shared a tip "Scarlet. I read it twice. Lol. I also like the prequel Fairest. It's pretty good."

Carl Murphy's profile image

carl_murphy shared a tip "Love the sci-fi twist on a childhood classic, enjoyed this book."

Monica Cosio's profile image

fantasygrl shared a tip "This was such a great book!"

gracie grant's profile image

gracie_grant_5345 shared a tip "It’s boring at first but once you read through the entire series you’ll want to read it over and over again"

Linda 's profile image

lilajazzmeoutside shared a tip "Great series!couldn't put it down. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Cass Johnson's profile image

cass_johnson_2785 shared a tip "Its so good! Same writer has other stories too based on other fairy tells and I want to read them also."

Bai Collins's profile image

bai_collins shared a tip "Yes!! The whole series is amazing and there's even a graphic novel!! Highly recommend"

isa_s shared a tip "loved the characters and the plot (even if it was a little predictable)"

Trinity Hardgrave's profile image

trinity_hardgrave shared a tip "An amazing retelling of Cinderella!!"

Hannah Moore's profile image

hannah_moore_3119 shared a tip "I love when she first went into the doctors for the first time and she was stoped by the prince"

Abby Barben's profile image

abby_barben shared a tip "I really liked the part when Dr. Erland tells her who she really is, and she is shocked. My mouth dropped while reading that.😂"

Anemu 101's profile image

anemu_101 shared a tip "Good story and buildup of characters"

Nikki Nienhaus's profile image

nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "I loved this whole series! It’s so creative and engaging."

Ha? ?'s profile image

ha_ shared a tip "not really, I loved all of it"

avery_755 shared a tip "Loved this book. Cliffhanger at the end is the best"

Jessica Welch's profile image

jessica_welch_8779 shared a tip "Finished this so quickly! Loved it, can’t wait to continue the series"

Keira Potts's profile image

keira_potts shared a tip "I loved this book, and the whole series."

Cayla 's profile image

b1zarre shared a tip "Really good dystopian/sci-fi read, 1/4 in Lunar Chronicles"

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kimberly_trine shared a tip "Great series!"

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kristiethomas shared a tip "OMG SO GOOD I DNF SCARLETT THO"

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ugly_frog shared a tip "Is this book fantasy of sci-fi?!?"