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Just as cute as Icebreaker. Not as much spice, but the spice is worth the wait. Love the fact that the characters are emotionally mature despite what they are going through, so there is no conflict that could have been resolved if they just communicated better leading to a third act breakup. Russ is adorable and I want one! 8/10.

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Books | Hannah Grace

Kept the same energy as the first book. The main couple did get rather annoying, especially violet, you loved them in the first book because they were a great team and great independent. Now they are pretty codependent on each other and petty. So much happens that it definitely deserves a reread. 8/10.

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Iron Flame

Books | Rebecca Yarros

A very clean ending to the trilogy. It got a little repetitive throughout the book and the drama between Orion and El was hard to swallow sometimes. The only thing that was missing from their dialogue was "you're breaking my heart, you're going down a road I can't follow." And honestly this story had more genocide than Anakin, so there's that. I would love to see this series become a show or a movie. 8/10.

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The Golden Enclaves

Books | Naomi Novik

Just as good as the first book. It can be hard to follow sometimes because the main character definitely has ADD, but if you suffer from the same affliction, the story telling is roughly the same as your own thought process. Major cliff hanger so be prepared 8/10.

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The Last Graduate

Books | Naomi Novik

Loved the conclusion of Aren and Lara. Their adventure in this second part was harrowing and spellbinding. A good old fashioned adventure with parts that made you laugh and bawl your eyes out. 9/10

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The Traitor Queen

Books | Danielle L. Jensen

What a wild ride this book was. You can definitely see the twists and turns develop, so it's kind of predictable. The intrigue and action do not get lost in the romance, in fact it could have used a little more in my opinion. Could not wait to start the second book. 8/10.

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The Bridge Kingdom

Books | Danielle L Jensen

A very fun, if that's the right word, premise and story. You don't realize you are being wrapped up in murderous high school as you read through the story realizing that you had a lot of the same feelings when you were in school. The characters are real and authentic along with the relationships that are built. Worth the read. 8/10.

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A Deadly Education

Books | Naomi Novik

This book was so cute! I loved the premise and Theo is one of the best book boyfriends. I wish I had met a guy like him in college. 9/10.

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Weak Side

Books | Sj Sylvis

I waited for so long for this book and it did not disappoint. I do wish it had more of Eva and Jacks together, or just more Jacks in general. I loved every second of this book. 9/10

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A Curse for True Love

Books | Stephanie Garber

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