Pulp Fiction poster


A burger-loving hit man, his philosophical partner, a drug-addled gangster's moll and a washed-up boxer converge in this sprawling, comedic crime caper. Their adventures unfurl in three stories that ingeniously trip back and forth in time.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1994-09-10

Runtime 154 minutes

Budget $8m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 8.5


Michael Dix's profile image

Michael.Dix shared a tip "Superb editing turned this from a fun romp into a masterpiece."

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Greg.Martinez shared a tip "An American classic. Gimp."

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pug shared a tip "CLASSIC !"

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krisperdew shared a tip "Tarantino's second best film."

bryan_larson shared a tip "I think it was Quentin Tarentino’s first and possibly best!"

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kathy_clyne shared a tip "This movie was super weird but oddly likeable"

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amy_santi shared a tip "The Milkshake Scene The Almoat Died Of An Overdose Scene John Travolta In His Hay Day"

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wolfman_jack shared a tip "Just a cool movie. Watch it!"

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beth_ogrady shared a tip "Such a perfectly bizarre, messed up (literally) movie!"

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isabel_becerra shared a tip "They’re all interconnected"

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a_d_miles shared a tip "Dark, depraved, brutal, funny, dramatic, mysterious, romantic..what else you need?!"

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jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "Great QT movie. My favorite of his."

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jrm shared a tip "9/10. A modern classic. Relaunched Travolta's career. Made Tarantino a household name. Captivating. Ultra slick."

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kristi_guethlein shared a tip "It's a classic! Action mostly. Some humor. Its a good choice"

laura_6463 shared a tip "Ever so slightly off-kilter"

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ivan_segura shared a tip "Convoluted. Much going on. Excellent movie"

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lisa_flores_8364 shared a tip "Classic everyone should watch at least once."

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linda_yarish shared a tip "Catches my eye every time"

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j_dizzle shared a tip "Quentin Tarantino at its finest. My favorite movie of all of Tarantino's"

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jose_loera shared a tip "The mystery behind the suitcase. What was in there?"

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sarah_1509 shared a tip "I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! QUENTIN TARANTINO!!! THE CAST!!! THE STORY!!"

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asha_hensleigh shared a tip "It’s a classic. Better with friends"

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maddie_cohen_. shared a tip "cute kids movie!!"

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kathryn_dee shared a tip "Always!"

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ken_l shared a tip "My favorite Tarantino movie."

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christygirl shared a tip "Classic, iconic Tarantino! 😁"

jeff_lavender shared a tip "One word Tarantino."

steve_dixon_5853 shared a tip "Mia overdosing probably but the whole thing is timeless"

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suzanne_caplan shared a tip "See it Before it Leaves!! Classic🤷🏻‍♀️"

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jholder47 shared a tip "Loop after loop! One of the greatest of all time"

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egrischkowsky shared a tip "I could say "the iconic dance scene" but you don't have to see the movie to recognize that scene."

charlene_7814 shared a tip "Anything by Tarantino is good."

krystal_lopez_9248 shared a tip "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. What’s yours?"

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nintyoneys shared a tip "This is one of my top 5 favorite movies."

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adam_tetreault shared a tip "Best dialogue in a movie. About love, drugs, and action"

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beanz shared a tip "Its good"

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matt_skunberg shared a tip "This movie is literally what teenage me thought was cool. Still love it."

tatiana_nikolskaya shared a tip "My favorite movie of all times!"

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omar_arshad shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time 😃"

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omar_arshad shared a tip ""Bring out the Gimp""

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jerry_sals shared a tip "This is one I’ll watch over and over"

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eric_shafer shared a tip "Jack Rabbit Slims dance party"

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leo_poff shared a tip "It’s pulp fiction"

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kevin_r_8807 shared a tip "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."

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alexandre_f_dantas shared a tip "One of the best films ever"

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joey_reynoso shared a tip "I mean cmon this is a fun ride and a good journey through LA"

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dan_lucier shared a tip "A great classic!"

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tony_orecchio shared a tip "Campy, but well acted and very funny!"

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sharon_mackenzie shared a tip "Me too"

tammy_haygood shared a tip "It’s good! It won an Oscar for best screenplay in 1995."

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isabella_rangel shared a tip "One of the best movies I've ever watched."

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lidija_alomerovic shared a tip "It’s one of the best movies ever made!"

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diane_pinegar shared a tip "Masterpiece."

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angel_arbadarballo shared a tip "All Tarantino, all quotable."

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heather_chan shared a tip "I haven't watched it in a few years but I enjoy it. It is very dark comedy."

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philip_collins shared a tip "Every time Jules and Vincent are together is golden, but I can’t think of anything better than the Jack Rabbit Slim scene!"

tammy_mignon shared a tip "It’s different lol I haven’t seen it in years so need to watch again"

awesome_user_727126 shared a tip "It's a classic!"

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f_uck_u shared a tip "I wanna put that ring up my a s s"

lorraine_schultz shared a tip "The writing is superb and so perfectly casted"

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psuedo_chef shared a tip "One of my favorite movies"