Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy poster


It's the 1970s and San Diego anchorman Ron Burgundy is the top dog in local TV, but that's all about to change when ambitious reporter Veronica Corningstone arrives as a new employee at his station.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2004-06-28

Runtime 95 minutes

Budget $26m

Revenue $91m


TMDB 6.7


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "The goofy Ron Burgundy... senseless comedy to put you in the right mood."

Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "Will Ferrell at his best!"

Risse Richards's profile image

charisse_richards_4892 shared a tip "An old wooden shop called Diversity… and 60% of the time, it works every time."

Build a Bear's profile image

build_a_bear shared a tip "Very adult not for kids. But supper funny"

bethany_slater_ shared a tip "8.26.22"

Ricky A's profile image

ricky_a shared a tip "The flute alone is worth it."

Jody Baer-Swanson's profile image

jody_baer-swanson shared a tip "Ron Burgandy inspired my favorite and most frequently used insult during a disagreement "Go back to your home on ***** Island!""

Christie Brown's profile image

christie_brown_6814 shared a tip "If you like obsurd humour, then you'll like it. Don't miss the blooper reel."

Ash McCullough's profile image

ash_mccullough shared a tip "dumb"

Delaney1713 's profile image

delaney_conover shared a tip "This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen"

Monique Rivera's profile image

monique_rivera_1868 shared a tip "It's a pretty funny movie. Will Farrell is a crazy man 😆"

Lis RT's profile image

lis_rt shared a tip "The fight scene"

Wilson Baker reviews!'s profile image

wilsonb shared a tip "6.6/10"

Max Viel's profile image

max_viel shared a tip "The best comedy movie ever"

Henry Fovargue's profile image

henry_fovargue shared a tip "Best movie!"

Dee Barker's profile image

dee_barker shared a tip "Blah"

Irvin Santos's profile image

irvin_santos shared a tip ""Brick killed a guy""

Greg Whyte's profile image

greg_whyte shared a tip "It doesn't get mush funnier than this. Whatched it more times than ron burgundy say "Scotch""

cameron_harbin shared a tip "The date and he starts playing the flute. So hilarious. I love this movie too"

jennifer_8325 shared a tip "Even part 2 is funny! Love will ferill"

sophie_resner shared a tip "I thought it was hilarious"

suzie_q_2044 shared a tip "It's a dumb movie and that makes it great. I liked it."

Mark Dejalar's profile image

mark_dejalar shared a tip "Really any scene that has Steve Carel in it! Or when the bad man punted Baxter! Lol"

Daniel Rios IV's profile image

daniel_rios_iv shared a tip "The Human Torch was denied a bank loan"

Albert Gonzales's profile image

albert_gonzales shared a tip "I did not think I was going to like it, but I did!"

pallavi krishna's profile image

pallavi_krishna shared a tip "I'm a Will Ferrell fan!"

Rockie Smart's profile image

rockie_smart shared a tip "I loved anchor man. It was an honest look at the battle of the sexes. #comedy"

Sarah Reese's profile image

sarah_reese shared a tip "I'm not sure. Any recommendations?"

Oli Maddøx's profile image

oli_maddx shared a tip "Favorite comedy of all time 😂"

James Brooks's profile image

james_brooks shared a tip "Classic"

Geoff Caddell's profile image

geoff_caddell shared a tip "Brick where'd you get a hand grenade?"

Cynthia Jean's profile image

cynthia_jean shared a tip "The fight scene is the best! Freaking hilarious"

Levy Stephen's profile image

levy_stephen shared a tip "I didn't see the second one. Was it as good as the first?"

Leo Poff's profile image

leo_poff shared a tip "Anchorman is good because it’s funny."

korey kleinwachter's profile image

korey_kleinwachter shared a tip "You stay classy San Diego"

ifeanyi_simon shared a tip "I love this movie"

tachiana_brunetti shared a tip "THE END"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Jared Miller's profile image

jared_miller_9378 shared a tip "Stupid funny ..."

Troy Pennock's profile image

troy_pennock shared a tip "Afternoon Delight!"

Gail Swope's profile image

gail_swope shared a tip "I have so many favorite movies it's ridiculous! one other one is Area 51!"

Kandi Kane's profile image

kandi_kane shared a tip "If you like Will Ferrell you will like this, really funny"

MoeButtons 's profile image

moebuttons shared a tip "A legendary spoof of newscasters and one man who dared to do the same thing everyman is expected to do. Win."

Stephanie Purvis's profile image

stephanie_purvis_5537 shared a tip "The whole movie #ilovelamp"

Mark Kane's profile image

mark_kane shared a tip "Very funny"

Cory Gann's profile image

cory_gann shared a tip "It was ok. Much better comedies are out there though"

Mariana Austin's profile image

mariana_austin shared a tip "It’s very very silly… but definitely one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched!"

Matthew Uriz's profile image

matthew_uriz shared a tip "I like scotch. Scotch. Scotch. Scotch. Unique new York."

Hillarie Kin's profile image

hilly shared a tip "Fight scene"

Nick Relich's profile image

nick_relich shared a tip "Brick killed a guy. Did you throw a trident?"

Asia Smith's profile image

asia_smith_14 shared a tip "Definitely the afternoon delight part"

Laura Tarte's profile image

laura_tarte shared a tip "I love Steve Carells performance. He is so funny!"

Peter Shapiro's profile image

peter_shapiro shared a tip "I liked the first one best but the second was better than I expected."

Brian Murphy's profile image

brian_murphy_1663 shared a tip "Stay classy San Diego"

sare shared a tip "I cringe to watch it now, but the one liners are 👌👌"

Martin Williams's profile image

martin_williams_8053 shared a tip "I'm blind!"

Nicole Sanchez's profile image

nicole_sanchez_1660 shared a tip "No, I dont think so."

nelson_gallo shared a tip "The first one was definitely better"

Julia Knies's profile image

julia_knies shared a tip "I like Tommy Boy too."

ali_anabestani shared a tip "The Sting (1973)"

tammy_8679 shared a tip "I love to laugh so movies like this or tv shows like The Office are my favorites. You?"

jay_thompson_1161 shared a tip "Def agree"

Kayla Ellsworth's profile image

kayla_ellsworth shared a tip "This one was crazy! Its was the strangest longest movie, but it was hilarious."

Gravity Belle's profile image

gravity_belle shared a tip "Definitely funny but if you watch this one, you have to watch the second one."

Eva Mendes's profile image

evamendes shared a tip "[Source:]"

Niall Horan's profile image

niallhoran shared a tip "[Source:]"

Mike solis's profile image

mike_solis shared a tip "Stings the nostrals."

Evan Hewitt's profile image

evan_hewitt shared a tip ""It smells like bigfoots ****""

Vinay Sharma's profile image

vinay_ shared a tip "First one was so much better 👌"

Ahtziri 17's profile image

PmB_157 shared a tip "It is a little inappropriate, but it is worth it. Such an amazing movie to watch. 9/10"

Laura Holder's profile image

laura_holder shared a tip "I think the first was better... You?"

Brenda Rodriguez's profile image

brenda_rodriguez_8123 shared a tip "This is just funny all around 😂"

Josh Arias's profile image

josh_arias shared a tip "First one but the second one is funny as well .. been a while since I’ve seen either but hilarious movies"

Matt Ungermah's profile image

matt_ungermah shared a tip "Yes but wasn't a fan unfortunately."

stephen_cerbino shared a tip "First for sure."

Heather Taylor's profile image

heatherdtaylor shared a tip "Nonstop laughing!"

scott_killen shared a tip "Everyman likes Ron Burgundy!"

Lindsay Johnson's profile image

lindsayolo shared a tip "It's funny if you like really silly movies!"

Tim Dykens's profile image

tim_dykens shared a tip "Classic."

Michael Powell's profile image

michael_powell_6093 shared a tip "This is by far the funniest Will Farrell movie so far?"

Ashley Hickam's profile image

ashley_hickam shared a tip "Hilarious! If you like will Ferrell and his type of humor it’s a must!"

Richard Emholtz's profile image

richard_emholtz shared a tip "Amazing"

Jacob Garrison's profile image

jacob_garrison shared a tip "It's really funny worth the watch!!"

Chaise Stewart's profile image

chaise_stewart shared a tip "It's not funny... It's hilarious!"

Jordyn Kochanski's profile image

jordyn_kochanski shared a tip "Besides the 2nd one no I have not. But I enjoy all of Will Ferrell's movies!"

Mark Sheppard's profile image

mark_sheppard_2163 shared a tip "There was so much to like it’s hard to pin down a favorite part."

Richard Apt's profile image

richard_apt shared a tip "If you like the will ferrell charm this comedy is a classic. Ron Burgundy has become one of his most iconic characters."

Jason Alston's profile image

jason_alston shared a tip "I’d recommend Team America. Haven’t seen either in a really long time but both have dark humor."

Shawn Ro's profile image

shawn_ro shared a tip "Walk Hard is a good one"

Steve Jacobson's profile image

steve_jacobson_9554 shared a tip "Funny!"

Robin Smith's profile image

robin_smith_1216 shared a tip "The sex panther!"

Natalie Nazario's profile image

natalie_nazario shared a tip "My fav movie is Forest Gump 😊🍤"

Giaphage 's profile image

giaphage shared a tip "Its been a while since i've seen it but it was fun to watch"

Oliver dolan's profile image

oliver_dolan_2705 shared a tip "Funny funny lolbeans#comedy"

Erica Downer's profile image

ericadowner shared a tip "I love love Rob zombie. Devil’s Rejects!"

shayna_price shared a tip "It’s so funny! If you haven’t watched it, try Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby too!"

Ellie Henderson's profile image

ellie_henderson shared a tip "It’s really good, I recommend if you want a good laugh"

Magic Powers's profile image

magic_powers shared a tip "My daughter and could recite the whole movie together. Such good times."

Ria 's profile image

Ria_7621 shared a tip "Comical!"

raegan_grisolano shared a tip "The outsiders. My fav comedies are Tommy boy, blades of glory, and clue."

Devon Redman's profile image

devon_redman shared a tip "I thought it was pretty funny"

toni_debruce shared a tip "Hilarious!!! Honestly one of my favorite goofy movies"

Daniel Romero's profile image

daniel_romero shared a tip "For the smokers and Will Fans. Off the chain! Polyester city on steroids and stupid ass people acting crazy."

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