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My mom: F you my child is completely fine Me: *doesn't think daenerys targaryen did anything wrong and deserved to live*


A graphic horror movie that mixes elements of Goosebumps-like aesthetics with an almost comedic twist, all while staying bloody and gorey for the Halloween season. Great twist ending, memorable scenes and scares, and stories just disturbing enough to stay with you. Thoroughly enjoyed!

The Mortuary Collection imageThe Mortuary Collection image

The Mortuary Collection

Movies | Horror

It's funny, silly and makes all those classic horror movie tropes just that bit more interesting. Great little feel good movie to watch when youre wanting a quick laugh, some satire and a little substance. Also Taissa Farmiga will forever have my heart ❤️ can't go wrong with the cast

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The Final Girls

Movies | Comedy

Overall, not bad. The acting was meh overall and many characters are going to make some DUMB horror-esque decision (as expected) but you'll love the main female lead (great acting IMO). Decent movie overall, worth a watch if you've got time and love gorey horrors with femme fatales.

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You're Next

Movies | Horror

Really enjoyed this! Twists and turns and unexpected, especially from what direction I thought it was going in the trailer. An interesting take on a home invasion story thriller-horror and made me question myself often.

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Better Watch Out

Movies | Horror

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