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William Thather, a knight's peasant apprentice, gets a chance at glory when the knight dies suddenly mid-tournament. Posing as a knight himself, William won't stop until he's crowned tournament champion—assuming matters of the heart don't get in the way.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2001-05-11

Runtime 132 minutes

Budget $65m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 6.8


Reese Duringer's profile image

reeseduringer shared a tip "One of my favorite Heath Ledger movies. A great adventure movie that is entertaining from beginning to end"

Calum Clark's profile image

calum shared a tip "Anachronistic soundtracks at their best! We shalt rock thee."

onelonelyplanet null's profile image

onelonelyplanet shared a tip "Starts slow but gets better!"

Laura C. George's profile image

lauracgeorge shared a tip "Weirdly good for a silly take on a Shakespeare-style comedy with lots of intentional anachronisms and cheesy romance."

Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "Heath Ledger ❤"

Andrew Abbey's profile image

andrew_abbey shared a tip "Great movie. Heath Ledger is the man."

Evan Jermain's profile image

rookierooster shared a tip "I just miss Heath Ledger."

Lily Naert's profile image

lily_naert shared a tip "soundtrack!!! heath ledger is great in this . awesome movie :)"

Gordan Redzic's profile image

YugoNation shared a tip "This was super fun to watch with my kids (despite adult themes they loved it :)"

Jason Morrison's profile image

jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "So ridiculous it's good"

Anna Howard's profile image

anna_howard_5947 shared a tip "If you’re looking for something fun, with a comedic twist, a great follow up if you like Princess Bride."

Mike Herrington's profile image

mike_herrington shared a tip "One of my all time favorite movies!"

safieh_shah shared a tip "Mainly because I find Heath Ledger super dreamy 🤤"

Billy Bateman's profile image

billy_bateman shared a tip "This is one that I can watch many times and never get tired of it! 😊"

leslie_eckard shared a tip "You need to really suspend your disbelief on this one because of the anachronistic songs, but one you do, you will enjoy this."

Katie Collins's profile image

katie_collins_5208 shared a tip "Cheesy but interesting"

christina_rodriguez_7516 shared a tip ""You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.""

Matt Norman's profile image

matt_norman shared a tip "Great movie!"

Emily Denney's profile image

emily_denney shared a tip "Very funny and super sweet rom com!! It’s one of my favorites, a must see"

Dr. Bill 's profile image

dr._bill shared a tip "My friend wrote and directed this movie. Check out all Brian Helgeland films on IMDB. You won't be disappointed."

Troy Pennock's profile image

troy_pennock shared a tip "Great soundtrack"

melissa_rowan shared a tip "One of my favourite movies of all time!"

Ziad Hallak's profile image

ziad_hallak shared a tip "Everything"

catherine_lilly shared a tip "Fun and great acting!"

jane_jonasse shared a tip "Such a classic so funny and heartfelt plus amazing soundtrack"

annie_d_5258 shared a tip "Best villan. Great music. Rags to riches story"

dallas_core shared a tip "4/5 this is a spoof style movie but great if you’re a Heath Ledger fan"

mary_klump shared a tip "Love the combination of genres..fun to catch all those pieces of the puzzle. Ultimately one of my favorite movies"

steven_eisler shared a tip "A Sports movie in disguise. Schlocky but fun! Great cast."

Aaron Smith's profile image

aaron_smith_3436 shared a tip "Medieval Music Video starring Heath as the charming down-on-his-luck good guy we can’t help but root for."

Octavious Jackson's profile image

octavious_jackson shared a tip "Underground classic"

KIP x Pandemic's profile image

UintaBRZ shared a tip "Ive seen it! good movie. Thanks for the suggestion"

Special K's profile image

Specialk935 shared a tip "All time favorite"

Tara Ho's profile image

tara_ho shared a tip "It's a hilarious movie that you have to give up on reality to really get the proper enjoyment."

Katherine H's profile image

Bostons_Mom shared a tip "LOVE THIS MOVIE!"

Kelly Lon-don's profile image

kelly_lon-don shared a tip "Perfectly cute movie about a charismatic underdog. Love the story and the wonderful dance scene"

jessica_ellison shared a tip "Love! Love! Love! And the soundtrack is amazing!"

ruth_l shared a tip "A plethora of wonderful talent in this tale. We watch it over and over."

Christopher Colley's profile image

christopher_colley shared a tip "I believe the ending was great. He deserved the knighting"

Christopher Colley's profile image

christopher_colley shared a tip "And I’m glad he upheld his word"

Cade Huninghake's profile image

cade_huninghake shared a tip "IF you have not seen this classic Ledger movie, watch it now. It'S a unique gem."

AccidentGenius 's profile image

accidentgenius shared a tip "Best movie ever"

John Harlock's profile image

Thomas_Truxell shared a tip "An all time classic, the music is great and no matter how many time you watch it, it’s always good!"

ashley_7350 shared a tip "The perfect movie to watch by yourself, with friends, or with a date."

Heather McMullen's profile image

heather_mcmullen shared a tip "Heath Ledger"

Júlia Valença Schoen's profile image

jlia_valena_schoen shared a tip "Funny, witty and moving - what more could I want? The amazing cast is the cherry on top"

marlyn_flores shared a tip "Good plot. Good acting. Feel good movie."

Suzanne Lambert's profile image

Honeyblossom shared a tip "Enjoyable Heath Ledger movie."

Emily Felton's profile image

emily_felton shared a tip "Love this movie so much! It is always fun to watch, and the music is fantastic!"

Bailey Fazzio's profile image

bailey_fazzio shared a tip "Fun adventure, sweet romance, brilliant script and acting"

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