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“Make your statement, face your fear.” A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join Jonathan Sims as he explores the archive, but be be warned, as he looks into its depths somet

Artist Rusty Quill

Track Count 287


Price $0

Release Date 5/16/22

Explicitness Clean

Country USA


tired.pessimist 's profile image

tired.pessimist shared a tip "i love this podcast so much its amazing"

Bella Kessler's profile image

bella_kessler shared a tip "Masterpiece"

Natalie Hartigan's profile image

natalie_hartigan shared a tip "amazing story with characters you’ll love!!"

Jackie Noel's profile image

jackie_noel shared a tip "Absolutely the best fictional horror podcast I've ever listened to"

Ilana Poznanski's profile image

ilana_poznanski shared a tip "Honestly this is the perfect podcast for me, its a really deep exploration of fear via a fictional plot."

Camila Flores's profile image

LavenderCrown shared a tip "Creepy and engaging this is a great podcast for people looking to get into story based Podcasts"

Watson Holmes's profile image

watson_holmes shared a tip "It’s a great creepy podcast with a great story!"

Amelia Bones's profile image

amelia_bones_9997 shared a tip "Great horror that isn't sexist : D"

Will Pohl 's profile image

willdoesntexist shared a tip "Best podcast I've listened to in a while."

Frog 's profile image

frogphobia shared a tip "This is the podcast that got me into podcasts it’s great"

Abi S.'s profile image

abi_s. shared a tip "Don't let the teenage fanbase scare you away from a great horror podcast."

Lindsey Foster's profile image

lindsey_foster shared a tip "Great narration. Story is excellent and cohesive. So much context to really geek out about and dive into."

Haines 's profile image

disaster_dan_ shared a tip "I like the anatomy one."

Tala Watson's profile image

tala_watson shared a tip "It's honestly great and I've been trying to find something similar for a while now."

Robert Schwabe's profile image

rjschwabe shared a tip "A great horror podcast, loosely based on Lovecraftian style Horror. Totally in love with this one right now."

Ethan Kay's profile image

ethan_kay_9604 shared a tip "If you love horror stories and mysteries. Something to leave u on the edge of your seat then listen to this."

Charlotte Cassidy's profile image

charlotte_cassidy_6877 shared a tip "This show is what got me hooked on Podcasts. It was absolutely amazing"

jennifer_schatzel shared a tip "I’ve been binging Creepy. It’s a decent horror podcast."

moo man 's profile image

corvxs shared a tip "Yeah this ending tore me to shreds <33"

Ashley Hoskins's profile image

mashmash shared a tip "The creepiest, most unsettling horror podcast. The stories are so good, and the narrator is amazing."

yoste 's profile image

yoste shared a tip "I'm normally really bad with horror but I devoured this podcast."

Em Raney's profile image

codenamepeachy shared a tip "#horror"

leah_collins_75 shared a tip "Very cool! Loved listening while working out or driving. Creepy, but not so bad it keeps you up at night...most of the time."

Carlos Martinez's profile image

carlos_martinez_8324 shared a tip "I'm still in the middle of this one. My very first ever podcast"

Joyce Lopez's profile image

joyce_lopez_5264 shared a tip "It would have to be a guest for Mr.Spider. It just really stuck with me. What’s yours?"

victoria_gladbach shared a tip "Extremely well written horror. Couldn't stop listening right up until the end"

Luc Arnaud Dunoyer's profile image

luc_arnaud_dunoyer shared a tip "This one is one of the best."

Chris B's profile image

Dorauko shared a tip "LORE is a good one!"

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Nathan Lee's profile image

nathan_lee_4298 shared a tip "Premise is interesting and the episodes i have seen gave genuine chills."

Thomas Wagner's profile image

thomas_ur_boi shared a tip "I absolutely love the Magnus archives, is definitely something that will keep you listening for hours on end.#horror"

August Woods's profile image

august_woods shared a tip "It's really hard for me to pick! It was all so very good."

Lillie Glenney's profile image

lillie_glenney shared a tip "One of the best fiction podcasts I've ever heard. The production is amazing."

Maleah 's profile image

maleah_roberson shared a tip "This is a great supernatural fiction podcast."

Arctos Gray's profile image

arctos_gray shared a tip "Compelling, intriguing, and scary as hell."

diego herrera's profile image

diego_herrera_8408 shared a tip "One of the scariest and most impactful pieces of horror"

katherine Hatherlee's profile image

katherine_hatherlee shared a tip "Just, ******* brilliant. The writing, the voice acting, the story. Incredible from beginning to shattering end."

Lucid 's profile image

lucidueye shared a tip "I like your funny words, Jonny Sims"

blackwatersins 's profile image

blackwatersins shared a tip "Sooooooo good, and so creepy. The episode about the buried still gives me anxiety. 👌"

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