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Great British supernatural horror series. Each episode follows a new mystery, intertwining threads and characters across episodes and seasons, creating a bigger picture. Pay attention-you won’t guess the directions this will go in. Many seasons to listen to.

The Magnus Archives imageThe Magnus Archives image

The Magnus Archives

Podcasts | Literature

Complex characters in this show address broken family issues, growing up and some serious mental health issues. The show is warm at times and you root for the characters. It turns dark as well with plot twists and turns. A good ride!

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Ginny & Georgia

Shows | Comedy

This series is uplifting but deals with some serious issues at the same time. The characters are well developed and varied. I especially love Sister Monica Joan! Following them as time passes and watching the changes that come with that is fun. Just be prepared for many non graphic but fairly realistic child birthing scenes.

Call the Midwife imageCall the Midwife image

Call the Midwife

Shows | Drama

Epic tale. Love the characters, the suspense and the story. This is my favorite Stephen King novel, and I’m a big fan!

The Stand imageThe Stand image

The Stand

Books | Stephen King

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