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Elliot Gurn's profile image

elliot_gurn shared a tip "It was really nice I loved how they just realized they had ro fight each other and then didn't"

mars .'s profile image

starkdameron shared a tip "this podcast is just very wholesome!!"

vanessa lara's profile image

lara_VN shared a tip "Amazing, beautiful, wholesome, 11/10"

Natalie Beglin's profile image

nat_begs shared a tip "I love seeing such positive lgbt+ representation at a family-friendly level!"

Camila Flores's profile image

LavenderCrown shared a tip "A sweet romance a great way to introduce children to LGBT relationships in a safe and healthy way"

Yuktika Tika's profile image

yuktika_tika shared a tip "Definitely! It’s my favorite of all time"

Niecy Ringstaff's profile image

niecy_ringstaff shared a tip "All of the above. It’s just so good. I listen to it to help me sleep. It’s not boring."

Mackenzie Deaner's profile image

mackenzie_deaner shared a tip "Absolutely amazing!"

christine_alvarez shared a tip "This is the best podcast I have ever listen to.😊"

crimson sin's profile image

crimson_sin shared a tip "It was something diffident and us very good tho the 2nd season needed work"

Hannah W's profile image

hannah_w_8696 shared a tip "@emily_mcmurphy Definitely the last episode of the first season. It's so cute 🥺"

Hannah W's profile image

hannah_w_8696 shared a tip "."

Stacy Anne's profile image

stacy_anne shared a tip "This series is so cute! Adorable and family-friendly queer representation. An excellent cast to boot!"

Alex Stevens's profile image

ajax_864 shared a tip "I love this podcast so much!!"

Laura De Bruin's profile image

laura_de_bruin shared a tip "Lgbt+ comedy medeival fantasy? What’s not to love?"

Deku Midoria's profile image

deku_midoria shared a tip "Its an adorable story and has great representation of the lgbtq+ community"

Cadence Hill's profile image

cadence_hill shared a tip "Fun story"

Sarah smith's profile image

sarah_smith_7206 shared a tip "First season was the best others seasons were good to."

Astrid Diaz's profile image

astrid01 shared a tip "You guys have no idea how happy I was of this being my first podcast!!!!"

readwithmeemz shared a tip "compelling storytelling, light, sweet, and fun. plus super gay!"

Bash_Town 's profile image

lapiz_twist shared a tip "This one prolly' lol but a close second is 'Ologies with Alie Ward'"

Liv Gilbert's profile image

liv_gilbert shared a tip "I loved it"

Dumpster_fire 's profile image

dumpsterfire shared a tip "This is what got me into listening to podcasts. I’ve listened to it so much and I find it so funny and creative."

kaitlyn_lawter shared a tip "This one is so cute, it starts well and kept me intrigued the whole time.#romance #fantasy"

messy_goblin shared a tip "I love this with my whole heart. This podcast got me into podcasts. My comfort podcast"

spicy nuggies's profile image

spicy_nuggies shared a tip "It was a very nice story"

Laila Frazier's profile image

ConfusedSideCharacter shared a tip "Sorry I haven’t found any more story based ones 🥲 Do you have any 12 episode anime recommendations?"

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