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Wow! I loved learning about the women spys in #ww2 .#women #war #spy_movies

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A Call to Spy

Movies | Drama

I love #tomhanks #war_and_military #ww2

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Movies | War

Omg, I loved this movie. I wish there was more and I loved Fin and Robin. #thriller #horror #happyending #horrorlover #reality

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The Black Phone

Movies | Horror

It was a really sweet movie and i love J-lo

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Marry Me

Movies | Comedy

Wow wonderful book the themes of facing your fears, bullying, racism. Are really amazing plus the book is written beautifully I personally listened to it in audio format read by Barrie Buckner and and I'd give it 5 stars.

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Black Brother, Black Brother

Books | Jewell Parker Rhodes

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