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Author Dana Schwartz explores the stories of some of history’s most fascinating royals: the tyrants and the tragic, the murderers and the murdered, and everyone in between. Because when you’re wearing a crown, mistakes often mean blood.

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Release Date 8/9/22

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Addison Paredes's profile image

addison_paredes shared a tip "Yes definitely!! It’s great. The episodes are like 25-30 minutes and really well researched. I always learn something"

tabitha_rone shared a tip "Not that I have found myself. I discovered this one from an ad during another podcast I was listening to."

Amanda Heiserman's profile image

amanda_heiserman shared a tip "This is a great podcast-shorter episodes about things you thought you knew everything about. #mustlisten"

Madison Brown's profile image

madison_brown_7449 shared a tip "My favorite podcast! (And I don’t normally like podcasts)"

Rylee 's profile image

rylee_diane_ingram shared a tip "It’s pretty good if you like history."

E McCune's profile image

e_mccune shared a tip "Sooooo good!"

Christie Thompson's profile image

christie_thompson shared a tip "Currently, this is my favorite podcast! The “story-telling” factor is fantastic!"

Kayla Rowan's profile image

kayla_rowan shared a tip "I enjoy the way the narrator tells the story. Its very detailed and paints an excellent historic picture."

Becky Sanchez's profile image

becky_sanchez shared a tip "I love it. It's my favorite podcast. I have learned so much about royalty from it."

brandi_wolff shared a tip "Historical"

Scriptor Malum's profile image

scriptor_malum shared a tip "I love everything from how her voice reads, to the concise nature of the history. It's worth re-binging!"

Rikki Nelson's profile image

rikki_nelson shared a tip "It is a good one about all the royals and their twisted lives"

valerie_1099 shared a tip "The one about George Washington was really intriguing. I’m not his biggest fan but he was a great man with great character"

Ari 's profile image

ari_6665 shared a tip "This is my favorite! I switched gears to Disgraceland waiting on the next episode. :)"

marissa_675 shared a tip "100% I love it."

Penny Anderson's profile image

penny_anderson_3961 shared a tip "I'm not sure i havent started it yet"

MLT 's profile image

mlt_author shared a tip "Very interesting and well made. #historypodcasts"

Jaime Fraser's profile image

jaime_fraser_6225 shared a tip "Great storytelling"

anmarie_roy shared a tip "It’s an easy to listen to podcast with short ( about 30 minutes) episodes dealing with history and nobility. Coolness 😎"

Erin Bailey's profile image

erin_bailey_5360 shared a tip "So so so so good!"

Prestina Thompson's profile image

prestina_thompson shared a tip "Redhanded. Beitish crime podcast. Its really good."

Tiffany Moton's profile image

tiffany_moton shared a tip "i’m a sucker for juicy history hahaha"

maha_7651 shared a tip "This podcast is great"

Jennifer Johnson's profile image

jennifer_johnson_8371 shared a tip "My favorite so far is Mythology! And what I’m currently listening to"

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