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A documentary podcast series investigating the 1996 disappearance of Cal Poly student, Kristin Smart.

Artist Chris Lambert

Track Count 12


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Release Date 7/6/21

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


Chad Cooper's profile image

chad_cooper shared a tip "8 episodes in and I’ve really enjoyed it. If you are a fan of true crime deep dives you will like this."

kindily_huio shared a tip "Really interesting."

Erica Dolinger's profile image

erica_dolinger shared a tip "I haven’t had a chance to yet"

Tye Rawlings's profile image

tye_rawlings shared a tip "Absolutely loved this one, was so personal and so so in depth."

Valerie Simo's profile image

valerie_simo shared a tip "Investigative journalism at it’s finest!"

Stephanie Bright's profile image

slbrigh shared a tip "Got addicted immediately. Listened to the all available episodes in 3 days. One of the best podcasts I've listened to."

margot_bates shared a tip "Riveting"

katherine_walker_788 shared a tip "Really interesting way to approach the story. Really liked the writing and narration"

Katti Willis's profile image

katti_willis shared a tip "Amazing!"

Emma Scott's profile image

emma_scott_9412 shared a tip "So good!"

Tori Oliver's profile image

tori_oliver shared a tip "Started listening while I worked but it ended up being so good I didn't want to multitask while listening."

Anna Hughes's profile image

gingeraffe shared a tip "I’m still thinking about Your Own Backyard weeks after finishing the last episode. So good."

Karen Fleming's profile image

karen_fleming_3843 shared a tip "Really well done!"

Michele Berry's profile image

michele_berry_4779 shared a tip "It’s a local crime for me and I have watched it evolve for 25 or so years."

kaycee_reagan shared a tip "Interesting, in-depth, and well made"

mollie_9693 shared a tip "Riveting."

Jukebox Panda 's profile image

m_kay shared a tip "It's a tie between Thinking Sideways and Crime Junkies, I think. What about you?"

alli Moulton's profile image

alli_moulton shared a tip "Just spent all day listening to this and... Wow"

tania_salazar shared a tip "Chris goes absolutely above and beyond with his investigating. So sad but so good!"

mia_4626 shared a tip "This is an amazing podcast. The story is very upsetting but the podcast is beautifully made."

april_davulcu shared a tip "Incredible journalism-I was on the edge of my seat!!"

Jayde Nash's profile image

jayde_nash shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 Definitely Crime Junkie!!"

Erin C's profile image

erin_c_5941 shared a tip "Good reporting, I hope this podcast gives traction to long overdue accountability."

Marina Zamudio's profile image

marina_zamudio shared a tip "Seriously amazing!"

pam_finney shared a tip "Excellent, and interesting. good voice...easy listening. I will follow this story"

Alan Hardina's profile image

alan_hardina shared a tip "It’s amazing how incredible episodes 2-8 are when episode 1 is as tough to get through as it was."

Shannon Brezina's profile image

shannon_brezina shared a tip "Always a bummer when there is no resolution in crime podcasts but I thoroughly enjoyed the mini series."

Coralynn Buss's profile image

coralynn_buss shared a tip "AMAZING"

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