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My dog’s name is Renry. Renry likes long walks on the beach at sunset, turducken treats, and pretending he has a scary bark. #Movies #Film #Lists


Very good series. Intriguing, awkward & uncomfortable, funny, dramatic… and well-acted.

The White Lotus imageThe White Lotus image

The White Lotus


What I hoped Denis Villeneuve would bring to Dune, Denis Villeneuve, absolutely, brought to Dune! Love the atmosphere, cinematography/tone, and score. If you watched the original Dune film and saw the potential, but was disappointed, this version (tho more commercial) keeps the mystique, yet makes things more clear… the acting is better… and, although still a long film, it does not require great patience from the viewer.

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Movies | Action

This is an over-the-top violent action comedy. It’s entertaining… and absurd. It’s too absurd, in my judgement… and, like many films, it’s ending is the weakest link… but, if this genre of film is in your wheelhouse I think it’s worth the watch.

The Trip imageThe Trip image

The Trip

Movies | Action

The performance by Siddiqui pushes this film into being worth a watch. On the flip side, the melodramatic moments (all of which involved the character of Raghav) did their best to sabotage a pretty good film.

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Raman Raghav 2.0

Movies | Thriller

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