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While I didn’t care for the obvious turn towards spiritually (felt forced), nor the efforts to squeeze every ounce of drama from the ending scenes/frames… I think this is a solid film with interesting dialogue and good performances.

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Uneven film, but with some strong acting performances which, coupled with the story’s subject matter, deliver an emotional impact.

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The Survivor

Movies | Drama

Decent film. Interesting concept with an interesting reveal behind the why of it all. Spotty acting/dialog and the push to create a happy/positive ending negatively impact the film. I recommend this film (tentatively).

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Movies | Thriller

Very good… but, not quite great, tho great in moments. I do look forward to the next in the series and hope that it improves on a solid start.

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The Batman

Movies | Action

Certainly not a great film, but I think it did a good job selling itself as real events captured on found footage. The film felt cohesive. And the acting was faulty solid. Would have preferred a bit more action given its run-time. And, yes, the yelling over each other and the crying became grating after a while. But, overall, I think this FF film is worth a watch when pickings are slim.

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Video X: The Dwayne and Darla-Jean Story


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