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Welcome to HOW DID I GET HERE, where we live our best lives on the Internet and come out the other side knowing more but not feeling all that much smarter. So come along this weird yet tantalizing ride with your host, Jae of DAY6. You’re welcome. Make sure to subscribe, rate, and review on Apple Pod

Artist DIVE Studios & Studio71

Track Count 74


Price $0

Release Date 4/13/21

Explicitness Clean

Country USA


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starkdameron shared a tip "jae is such a mood, and alexa is so cool. i love them 😭 #kpop"

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shannon_gibson shared a tip "Jae and AleXa are the reason for my constant sexuality crisis"

rei_cash shared a tip "Right now I’m listening to Get Real by dive studios and it’s really good so far!"

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