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10/10. Joaquin Phoenix's performance is sophisticated and just perfect. This movie makes destruction, violence and pain magnificent and glorious. behaviour by Joaquin/Joker appears exquisite, elegant and just attractive. I also found it quite funny. I'd like to say more, but can't really describe how good this movie is.

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Movies | Crime

9/10. The acting is perfect, every character is extremely well played. Specially Ncuti Gatwa's. Season 1 did a great job to start the season and it was great at doing so, plus get the show going. Season 2 is the best season by far. The last three episodes were the best. My favourite one is the 6th one, perfect. Didn't think Otis would have a chance with Ruby. Season 3. Really enjoyed watching all the stuff that was going on. Didn't like Hope, don't think anybody did. A must-watch for sure.

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Sex Education

Shows | Comedy

8.5/10. Gal Gadot's acting is good, nothing I have not seen before. Nothing much to say about this one tbh, but it is a good movie. The scene when Diana went into No Man's Land is just so... spectacular.

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Wonder Woman

Movies | Action

I'd give an 7.5 overall score for the Mandalorian. The show is good, but I find it main foundation stupid. Mando won't be able to do anything with Grogu for when he grows up. Season 1 gets a 7. Not bad. Season 2 gets a 9. Best season by far. Mando is such an epic character. Chapter 16 (Ep. 8) is just amazing. Season 3 gets a 7. It does not keep the show's pace. Chapter 20 was so intense, one of my favourites for sure. The last one was amazing too, loved the action scenes. This is the way.

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The Mandalorian

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

8/10. Really liked the character development Sherlock got. I still find it difficult to like Enola, mostly because of her attitude as character. Good movie though

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Enola Holmes 2

Movies | Mystery

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