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Do you know what people don't talk about enough? 😺 💨


I wish this was recommended to me years ago because this was shockingly good. It's funny how the characters you dislike in the first season become your favorite by the final season.. Pope..

Animal Kingdom imageAnimal Kingdom image

Animal Kingdom

Shows | Crime

I think this movie is amazing and the black and white version is even better!! The punisher and not only Andrea from the walking dead but her pal Dale, fight for their lives against terrifying creatures. It's a blast, see you there.

The Mist imageThe Mist image

The Mist

Movies | Horror

Horrible acting. The worse CGI. But I enjoy it and enjoy the spookiness of it.

The Langoliers imageThe Langoliers image

The Langoliers

Shows | Drama

If you enjoy the movies, watch this series now!! You get to see more Mick Taylor (everyone's favorite Australian serial killer) hunt down several more victims in this bloody outback.

Wolf Creek imageWolf Creek image

Wolf Creek

Shows | Action & Adventure

You won't guess the ending!! Watch it and prove me wrong. Good luck!! 🤞 Seriously, a really wild ride and something new and fresh. A fun late night movie.

Devil imageDevil image


Movies | Horror

Rusty Griswold from Vegas Vacation in a horror film!! Count me in!! Really great RockNRoll horror. Comparable to a Rob Zombie film.

The Devil's Candy imageThe Devil's Candy image

The Devil's Candy

Movies | Horror

Just had the pleasure of watching this wild ride of a movie. Holy s***, is this not full of entertaining plot twists! 😲

Very Bad Things imageVery Bad Things image

Very Bad Things

Movies | Comedy

To me, this movie will forever be legendary and a huge part of my childhood!! To you, it's probably a huge part of your childhood because it is Legendary!!!

Freddy vs. Jason imageFreddy vs. Jason image

Freddy vs. Jason

Movies | Horror

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