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Damn, what a wild ride. It's like if The Girl On The Train and Gone Girl had a love child, this is it. I was attempting to figure out the twists. I came close to some but that major plot twist? Wow.

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Books | Colleen Hoover

This is such a cool modern retelling of Greek mythology. Loved every bit of it!

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Neon Gods

Books | Katee Robert

EXTREMELY descriptive. I almost DNF it because of all the animal harm but I pushed through it and that part of the narrative was necessary unforgettable. As disturbing as this book was, Cutter's writing was superb.

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The Troop

Books | Nick Cutter

I absolutely love and adore this book. I finished reading a couple of days ago and I'm STILL thinking about it. This book made me feel all sort of emotions. The narrative also presented thought-provoking topics such as courage, bravery, fear, greed, etc. Kristin Hannah is becoming one of my favorite authors!

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The Four Winds

Books | Kristin Hannah

Listened to it via Libby. Easy, fast read. I almost DNF because Henley's character was getting under my nerves but I'm glad I continued reading. The ending was sweet (career and love).

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Books | Angie Hockman

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