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Hi! I'm Vee, and I am in love with books! I haven't been able to read much currently with school, but over the summer I will most definitely read more :)


I am in love with both January and Gus

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Beach Read

Books | Emily Henry

BRILLIANT plot and the character relationships are amazing. So excited for the next book :)

Defy the Night imageDefy the Night image

Defy the Night

Books | Brigid Kemmerer

SO compelling and suspenseful! I just couldn't put it down after I really got into it!

The Girls Are Never Gone imageThe Girls Are Never Gone image

The Girls Are Never Gone

Books | Sarah Glenn Marsh

My new favorite read of all time!! I am not even kidding when I say that. It is SO GOOD!

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Books | Kat Leyh

when it is my turn to fall in love like this 😩💔

The Girl from the Sea imageThe Girl from the Sea image

The Girl from the Sea

Books | Molly Knox Ostertag

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