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Great urban love story set in the late 60's early 70's. Presentation of this time period was A+. The love between these characters emitted a sense that they were connected through lifetime after lifetime. It was refreshing to see the innocence in their love from childhood to adulthood. This movie made me yearn for the days when virtue was natural and real, and how beautiful benign love was. A time when the 2 parent black family existed in mass. The havoc of the judicial system in America. Smh.

If Beale Street Could Talk imageIf Beale Street Could Talk image

If Beale Street Could Talk

Movies | Drama

One of the most authentic depictions of the dynamics of drug addiction and the consequences of being in an addicts life hemisphere. All of the actors aced their roles, down to the triage receptionist at the detox center. *What i learned from this movie - 1. 97% of heroin addicts relapse. 2.There is a monthly shot that opioid addicts can get to help them recover from addiction. Great movie that everyone should see even if you aren't into this genre because it is very educational. #drugaddictioN

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Four Good Days

Movies | Drama

Super funny. Great movie to watch with couple friends. #comedy

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Vacation Friends

Movies | Comedy

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