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Favorite movie. Yes, it traumatized me as a child but so did every other aspect of my life. Love this movie. Will never get tired of it.

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Movies | Animation

Sooooo good. Love this movie. Made me miss dancing.

Save the Last Dance imageSave the Last Dance image

Save the Last Dance

Movies | Drama

Cried. Heartbroken. Absolutely amazing.

They Both Die at the End imageThey Both Die at the End image

They Both Die at the End

Books | Adam Silvera

I love this book. It’s in my top three. I cried so hard and I haven’t stopped thinking about this book since I finished it

Before I Fall imageBefore I Fall image

Before I Fall

Books | Lauren Oliver

This made me cry in the middle of study hall

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Books | Laurie Halse Anderson

****. you. bellatrix. my mother taught me to never wish death upon anyone, and to this day i will live with that advice and stick to it. but if i ever saw bellatrix on the street, or in the store, maybe out roller skating, i would smack her SO HARD. i would insult her like you wouldn’t believe. bellatrix’s actress is a wonderful talented woman hut shes plays that role too damn well. never ever getting over the sorrow that this movie brought. along with the movie following this one.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Movies | Adventure


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365 Days

Movies | Drama

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