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しもえん ハンセン



An anime lover whose learning Japanese. Currently N3


A great ending for a great series. This author knows how to leave his fan based content and happy. 10/10 I think I will look for more books written by this man.

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Nothing Left to Lose

Books | Dan Wells

Good book. Had interesting characters and plot.....Cons: The last chapter was pretty bad,but the 'who done it and how' was well written. Just not how to resolve the issue. 'uwuwuw I'm a *****' .....I also cannot tell if Will knows if the mc is a girl or not. Is he gay? Is he straight? I have no idea. The foreshadowing was also pathetic. Literally every chapter was like 'ohh if only I knew...if only I payed attention to ___' like ugh, stop it.

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Beloved Poison

Books | E. S. Thomson

The meat of this story was the relationship between John and 'Nobody' so this book is a little different than the other books, which have a larger focus is on the 'serial killers'. A 'serial killer' does of course appear in this book (2 in fact) but the story uses them more as the setting then the plot, if that makes any sense. I liked this book more then book 4. Book 3 also was more relationship focused, so this book (5) is most similar to 3. In 3 though, I felt like two plots had equal weight

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Over Your Dead Body

Books | Dan Wells

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