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I'm anosmic.


What I found compelling about this is not the solid plot about albinos and albinoism bit the feel that you were reading about a totally unique magical world which exists alongside a reality which is completely new and unfamiliar to me in Nigeria. The story is drawn from Nigerian folk beliefs and rituals and let's us into this world bit by bit as our girl misfit discovers her own abilities.

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Akata Witch

Books | Nnedi Okorafor

I missed the dustlands series got some reason until now. I really enjoyed this one. Really hated the lack of punctuation but it was worth it.

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Blood Red Road

Books | Moira Young

I enjoyed this romantic high fantasy fiction sequel to Aurelia. Our woman of steel faces betrayal during her fast paced teenage romance. I'm only sorry the story doesn't really have a conclusion.

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Books | Anne Osterlund

One of the better versions of 12 Dancing Princesses I've read. I love their Papa/King!

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Books | Heather Dixon

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