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Krystal Amari



It’s a good book abt romance and peoples faith in the lord. How powerful places can b and how harmful words could b.

There You'll Find Me imageThere You'll Find Me image

There You'll Find Me

Books | Jenny B. Jones

It’s abt a girl following her dreams and falling in love- pretty good relaxing read

Not Another Love Song imageNot Another Love Song image

Not Another Love Song

Books | Olivia Wildenstein

PLS this book is so sweet! I genuinely love the male lead 🥺💕

The Problem with Forever imageThe Problem with Forever image

The Problem with Forever

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

Really cute mystery with a ton of romance! Ngl in the beginning I thought ik who it was just to b wrong 😭 it’s alr tho haha I’m just bad at solving mysteries

Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss imageFame, Fate, and the First Kiss image

Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss

Books | Kasie West

If u love Romeo and Juliet you’ll get a kick out of this story-

Always Never Yours imageAlways Never Yours image

Always Never Yours

Books | Emily Wibberley

I didn’t sleep until 5 am trying to read this book… I never knew how much I loved romcoms until now 🥺💕🤩

The Girl Least Likely imageThe Girl Least Likely image

The Girl Least Likely

Books | Katy Loutzenhiser

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