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20 yo, az, I love fall🍂 & christmas & space🪐 & taylor swift & maisie peters & elephants. I’m very easy going & also very lost as to what I want to do with my life. Love thrillers & mysteries!


This was such a surprise! It leads you to believe it’s a romance/lovetriangle & then it’s not at all—it reveals the intense, passionate, and powerful platonic love of best friends. It had me teary eyed & touched. I love the encouragement of spontaneity in life & living for the moment & the emphasis on the importance of our chosen family. I was not expecting it to be so meaningful or end in that manner. It was a lonely but hopeful conclusion that forces you to consider life & time.#grief#change#friendship

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In Five Years

Books | Rebecca Serle

I heard about this podcast from Drew Barrymores morning show on Halloween. I really miss the Halloween spooky spirit that I used to feel in the air as a kid, so I thought I’d give this a go to get me in the Halloween-spirit! Definitely served to freak me out haha, but great for when I want a scare.

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Podcasts | Comedy

I’m a big Swiftie & they did a taylor swift special based on her song “no body no crime” & I looooved it. I love shows like criminal minds and other crime/mystery documentaries/stories, so I continued listening after the Taylor Swift special & they’re great!

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Crime Junkie

Podcasts | Personal Journals

Read this for my Positive Psychology class this past semester! I learned a lot & love how applicable it is to how we live our lives. Meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, positivity, etc. have been total game changers in my everyday life and overall well-being.

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Buddha's Brain

Books | Rick Hanson

This was another required read my senior year of high school. As tragic as it was, it was a phenomenal story that I think about often. I started watching The Handmaids Tale on Hulu recently & I found myself frequently thinking back to this novel while watching & pondering over the suffering of women and our roles/standards/pressures in society.

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The Awakening

Books | Kate Chopin

I read this for my English class freshman year of high school. I had to force myself to read it at times, because it is rather slow paced, but overall I actually enjoyed all the metaphors and the mysterious conclusion. Def more of a think-piece.

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Life of Pi

Books | Yann Martel

Read this as a summer reading book for my English class sophomore year of high school! I’m a big fan of space and sci-fi, so I remember enjoying it a lot! To be honest though, I don’t currently remember much of the story & I’d really like to reread it & continue with the series. Especially now that I’ve taken astronomy courses in college that I can compare to the novel.

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Enders Game 1 - Ender's Game


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