Abigail Paulino


definitely a 15 out of 10 book. This book was beautifully written and shows different peoples lives and perspectives and how they all come together and effect each other’s lives differently. i also loved how even though this book was fiction it incorporated native american feels and topics. i can’t wait to re read the book to learn more!

Black Sun imageBlack Sun image

Black Sun

Books | Rebecca Roanhorse

This book was so beautifully written that i physically couldn’t put it down and read it all in a day. The main character is so wonderfully written that you feel every pain and desire of hope that she has and had you trying your best to figure out the clues to help her take down her oppressors. I felt so full of hope and and was taken back by the twists and turns of this book. I so desperately wish that it has a sequel but ig this leaves room for your own wanted future😊😁50/10 would recommend

Cinderella Is Dead imageCinderella Is Dead image

Cinderella Is Dead

Books | Kalynn Bayron

beginning this book, i didn’t think i was going to like it or made the right choice getting it but by the end i was reminded so much of my younger self i started to cry a bit. This book takes you through your innocent days where everything wasn’t perfect but still felt like a dream. This book walks you through growing up and the longing to belong to someone and something and then to be loved and wanted.This book was a beautiful experience to live through and to be with.

We Are Okay imageWe Are Okay image

We Are Okay

Books | Nina Lacour

This book is so beautifully written and makes you truly think what would you do in these characters shoes. It is an amazing transition from the first book and opens new doors as well as ties up loose strings. The diversity is beautifully and respectfully written as well. it’s an amazing book that i am so grateful i bought☺️

Iron Heart imageIron Heart image

Iron Heart

Books | Nina Varela

Oh my god. where do i begin??? i just finished the book and am so excited to buy the second. The authors does an amazing job of building each and every character so you learn to love them and hate them. This book truly makes you think what you would have done in their shoes and who’s side you’d be on. I would recommend this book to everyone i know 100/10. I loved watching the love grow between the two Women and watching and growing with them as they learn more and more.❤️❤️❤️

Crier's War imageCrier's War image

Crier's War

Books | Nina Varela

this book truly lives up to its name “the dark tide”. While i thought it was an easy read it definitely challenged my mind and brought me into its world with each smell that passed and the salty air that blew past the characters i felt as if i was experiencing them too. I loved the enemies to lovers trip and how it took its time to build a relationship and burn others. 10/10 would recommend!!❤️#romance #fantasy #comedy #thriller #lgbt

The Dark Tide imageThe Dark Tide image

The Dark Tide

Books | Alicia Jasinska

Just finished reading and let me tell you, the summery doesn’t give this book justice. Fire keepers daughter told the tale of mixed kids, and native americans. The book made it feel like you were the one making the decisions, feeling the pain, fear, and joy. This book is extremely insightful and respectful. 100/10 #mystery #thriller #firekeepersdaughter

Firekeeper's Daughter imageFirekeeper's Daughter image

Firekeeper's Daughter

Books | Angeline Boulley

The book has a pretty big give away title but please don’t let that stop you as the story goes through the ups and downs of this new part of these teens life. The book is perfect for middle schoolers/ high school, though for me some parts were a tad juvenile it’s only because i’ve already lived through that part of my life but the book reminded me of what it was like to be a middle schooler with middle schooler problems. This book reminded me of my fears, hopes, and the energy i used to have#lgbt

I Think I Love You imageI Think I Love You image

I Think I Love You

Books | Auriane Desombre

For people who say that it’s a feminist lord of the flies couldn’t be more wrong. sure it has somewhat of the same feel in the beginning but it evolves into more ordered chaos and love. This book was adventurous and thrilling and kept you on your toes. this book made me fall i love with some characters and hate others and left me crying at the end. definitely a must read but at warning because it will definitely leave you speechless.

Wilder Girls imageWilder Girls image

Wilder Girls

Books | Rory Power

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