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I have an amazing sense of humor 😎

The author does an amazing hob at going through important parts of history and social development as well as personal development to answer many things, even if the author can't fine answers to some questions, she does an amazing job at making an informative piece such life with such wisdom. It's fun to learn from. Definitely recommend!

Hurts So Good imageHurts So Good image

Hurts So Good

Books | Leigh Cowart

It was amazing! It brought up so many questions for the reader and satisfyingly answered all of them. The setting, the characters, La Cachette, it all felt so real. This was truly amazing, it was an experience. 100% would recommend.

Dark and Shallow Lies imageDark and Shallow Lies image

Dark and Shallow Lies

Books | Ginny Myers Sain

I had a hard time getting through the first bit of the book cause I'm not easily hooked but reading past that was a good idea because it's a truly complex story and I absolutely adore the plot twists because one hits you and as soon as you think you get used to it a new one hits! I loved reading this one a bunch, definitely recommended!

They'll Never Catch Us imageThey'll Never Catch Us image

They'll Never Catch Us

Books | Jessica Goodman

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