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the magicians is a decent read, though i have to admit that i enjoy the show much better (which is a rarity when it comes to tv adaptions). there were times when i felt that it kind of read like instructions & i found myself at times saying to myself “get on with it.” i even debated with continuing with the series but found myself becoming immersed by the end of the book. overall i’d give it a 2.5/4.

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The Magicians

Books | Lev Grossman

I enjoyed it for the most part. There wasn’t a lot that took place action-wise, and there are some things on Louvaen’s behalf i wish would have been explored more. But, overall, if you enjoy romances and fantasy, especially those without the intensity of impending doom, then this is a good book for you. It’s beautifully written & she does a great job with setting up scenes in such a way that you feel you’re in the room with the characters.

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Entreat Me

Books | Grace Draven

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