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This movie made Sam Rockwell an all time favorite of mine! Hilarious in this movie! But his character is also very real, very human. The main character, Liam James who played Duncan, does an amazing job playing a sweet, shy teenage boy coming into his own.

The Way Way Back imageThe Way Way Back image

The Way Way Back

Movies | Comedy

Read this in my literary guild and absolutely could not put it down! It's different than the average book that I read. Despite its dark theme, there are some GREAT quotes by the main characters throughout the story. So much so that I noted several of them on my Kindle. :-)

The Return imageThe Return image

The Return

Books | Rachel Harrison

This is one of my all time favorite movies! The main character, Jeffy, does a contemptible thing, but his awesome roommates and friends competing with him in the Special Olympics more than teach him about the good he can do and how to make it all right. LOL hilarious!

The Ringer imageThe Ringer image

The Ringer

Movies | Comedy

A family favorite. We ALL laugh until we cry EVERY TIME we watch it! Gotta love Owen, Gus's son! :-)

Planes, Trains and Automobiles imagePlanes, Trains and Automobiles image

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Movies | Comedy

Michael Park Duncan was so SO amazing in this movie! It's so emotional. I have seen it numerous times and know how it ends, but I still cry like a baby every single time! Sam Rockwell as a supporting actor was so amazing, albeit dark character. Love both actors. Michael Park Duncan died way too young. :-(

The Green Mile imageThe Green Mile image

The Green Mile

Movies | Fantasy

This is such a great movie. Such great attention to detail. Doc Brown is priceless.

Back to the Future imageBack to the Future image

Back to the Future

Movies | Adventure

This movie is a classic. I practically have it memorized.

The Breakfast Club imageThe Breakfast Club image

The Breakfast Club

Movies | Comedy

This was my absolute favorite movie when I was in high school! I still love it.

Sixteen Candles imageSixteen Candles image

Sixteen Candles

Movies | Comedy

Classic comedy! Laugh out loud. Loathe but laugh at Archie, love sweet Edith, love Lionel's jabs at Archie. The best!

All in the Family imageAll in the Family image

All in the Family

Shows | Comedy

I love the main female character in this movie. So cute!

He's Just Not That Into You imageHe's Just Not That Into You image

He's Just Not That Into You

Movies | Comedy

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