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All-time new favorite! Such a character driven tale that incorporates authentic Chinese traditions and culture. The overall concept is very reminiscent of Chinese fairy tales, but the heroic journey of the main character involves more mature themes of loss, love, and sacrifice. Beautifully written through lyrical prose, I could not put it down or keep myself from reading it aloud.

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Daughter of the Moon Goddess

Books | Sue Lynn Tan

This debut was magically transporting! Swept away to the harsh, brutal colds of Tundar with familiar, yet enhanced, animals. The relationship between Sena and this red-furred fighting wolf had me aching at every devastating turn throughout the plot. I loved the concept of the Scavver people living off the land on out in the woods, revealing against the Corporations that started the deadly race. Aside from the 3 grammatical errors I stumbled upon, the book is worth every penny, and a re-read!

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves imageCold the Night, Fast the Wolves image

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

Books | Meg Long

The unique world and societal structures of this science fiction dystopian are fascinating! The alternating POVs have strong personalities that come to life and intertwine seamlessly. However, I could see the teenage in them towards the end. That is not a bad thing! It was perfect for the characters! I just lost a bit of my focus sometimes because I am older. From my standpoint though, I would read it again. I do plan on ordering and reading the sequel too (coming out this Summer).

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Books | Zoe Hana Mikuta

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