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Hey 👋🏾 Most of everything I watch is on Netflix. Love giving recommendations and reviewing . Will try not spoil anything. I'm mostly into mind bending , horror & funny TV shows and movies. Will give anything a try it it captures my attention . Books mostly self help and currently romance . I do listen to podcast as well which my favorites are liked already.


Though this is a high school show the drama and secrets is crazy among trying to find MC older sister that was kidnapped when she was born. Definitely would recommend.

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Blood & Water

Shows | Drama

I watched this when it came out. I thought the concept was different. It kept me in the story and interested. It was one of my favorites due to being different.

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The Purge

Movies | Science Fiction

5⭐ This is one of my favorites . This is a classic for me. It's detectives with comedy . You're going to love it. I can watch this over and over and still laugh multiple times. Everytime I find it on a streaming platform. I have to watch it.

Rush Hour imageRush Hour image

Rush Hour

Movies | Action

4.5⭐ one of my favorite horrors. The plot and concept I liked well.

The Strangers imageThe Strangers image

The Strangers

Movies | Thriller

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