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Word lover. Music obsessor. Appreciator of the obscure.


We accept the love we think we deserve. A story of new found friendship and traversing the awkwardness of new beginnings. Charlie pulls at your heartstrings. The tunnel scene while listening to The Smiths is a feast for the senses.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower imageThe Perks of Being a Wallflower image

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Movies | Drama

An intriguing tale of love so strong not even death could separate them. The characters are as vibrant as their backdrop. The animation is colorful and incredibly beautiful. The Spanish guitar equally as such. I rewatch this with just as much awe as I found in the first watch.

The Book of Life imageThe Book of Life image

The Book of Life

Movies | Romance

This little drama is the perfect Thanksgiving movie. Perspectives offered from four different families. Bottom line: Our differences are beautiful and we are all interconnected. This film gets these very right.

What's Cooking? imageWhat's Cooking? image

What's Cooking?

Movies | Comedy

Which came first the music or the misery? From playlists to top 5 lists to the soundtrack, this film leaves every music lover wanting more. A uniquely written love story about growing up and the growing pains we feel along the way.

High Fidelity imageHigh Fidelity image

High Fidelity

Movies | Comedy

A satire of PNW culture. Fred and Carrie are a brilliantly funny duo whose writing is as keen as their portrayals. Memorable characters, witty lines you can quote and a theme song you won’t recognize as anything else but Portlandia once you watch the show. I plan on rewatching the entire series.

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Shows | Comedy

I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen! I have been in love with Lloyd Dobbler ever since. I am Gen X and this was our quintessential high school romance movie. To this day if someone stood in my driveway with a now nonexistent boom box serenading me, I would melt. Lloyd is the reason why.

Say Anything... imageSay Anything... image

Say Anything...

Movies | Comedy

Come on...if I show up at your door chances are you did something to bring me there. Martin is just a professional hit man attending his high school reunion in the middle of his existential crisis. He also has to explain to his girl along the way why he ghosted her on prom night. Highly quotable. An unexpected feel good movie.

Grosse Pointe Blank imageGrosse Pointe Blank image

Grosse Pointe Blank

Movies | Action

Proofs are proven line by line. If a line doesn’t work, you find one that does. This movie made me walk away looking at the lists in my life as lines to the bigger problem of me. Which lines can I switch out to prove myself? A heartwarming father daughter tale that makes me jealous of people who are good at math.

Proof imageProof image


Movies | Drama

One of the first memorable movies to apply the interconnected characters in alternate storylines. Brilliantly written. Makes you walk away pondering the inadvertant affects we have on other lives.

Crash imageCrash image


Movies | Drama

An ode to the power of friendship throughout our lives. Although growing up they end up on different paths, they never lose sight of each other along the way. Definite tearjerker. You will never think of a bra the same way again.

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Movies | Comedy

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