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Anna Bourque


My favorite new series!!! It’s spicy, it has fantasy, it has a kickass female lead, and there’s a curse!

A Ruin of Roses imageA Ruin of Roses image

A Ruin of Roses

Books | K. F. Breene

It’s toxic and spicy. A great read. They’re in high school and there are sexual assault warnings at front of the book!

Start a Fire imageStart a Fire image

Start a Fire

Books | Julia Wolf

I enjoyed this first book but honestly it just didn’t need to be a series.

A Touch of Darkness imageA Touch of Darkness image

A Touch of Darkness

Books | Scarlett St Clair

Okay. I really enjoyed the first book of the series. The rest of it not so much. It was a good read but wouldn’t continue.

Rhapsodic imageRhapsodic image


Books | Laura Thalassa

Wow. Where to start. It’s a great retelling of Hades/Persephone. I read it for the spice but was in love with the story and characters too. It’s a great book!

Neon Gods imageNeon Gods image

Neon Gods

Books | Katee Robert

It’s an interesting retelling. I liked the story and while some parts were slow, I did enjoy the twist at the end. I do feel like the ending was left open to some interpretation but if you don’t mind that it’s a solid story.

Curse of the Wolf King imageCurse of the Wolf King image

Curse of the Wolf King

Books | Tessonja Odette

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