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5/5 Incredibly unique in writing style, form, and plot. Tells history in an intimate way, making the reader feel a deeper connection and emotional reaction to it. This book is so human, like a friend.

A Tale for the Time Being imageA Tale for the Time Being image

A Tale for the Time Being

Books | Ruth Ozeki

5/5 Excellent romance, the best I’ve ever read. Not only romance, but deep love! The writing style is elegant and fits this retelling very well.

The Song of Achilles imageThe Song of Achilles image

The Song of Achilles

Books | Madeline Miller

5/5 Great for people who love a really detailed book. Intricately crafted universe and drama, filled with mystery and intrigue!

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Books | Frank Herbert

5/5 My favorite book. Captures perfectly many aspects of mental illness, though unfortunately to the greatest extent of misery. There is pain on every page, but the epilogue gives you a new perspective that makes you rethink the whole thing. You pity Yozo, but in that pity, you can be kinder to yourself.

No Longer Human imageNo Longer Human image

No Longer Human

Books | Osamu Dazai

5/5 (tw rape and sa) really good critique of purity culture and taboo around female sexuality, though still manages to have really camp dark humor

Teeth imageTeeth image


Movies | Comedy

5/5 slow for most of the book, though not boring, and it pays off for the ending. The entire book sets up a life just to show you it was lived - to showcase humanity and loss.

Never Let Me Go imageNever Let Me Go image

Never Let Me Go

Books | Kazuo Ishiguro

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