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Mentalist / Magician always learning and studying various topics just for the hell of it. I love things that stretch the brain and am nearly incapable of reading fiction, but love a variety of non-fic genres. I love: Films (fiction or not) that are creative with good directing, finding hidden gems and underrated obscurities. I look for poetry and metaphor everywhere I can and while I appreciate common archetypes and symbolism, also believe there is lots of room for individual interpretation.


This film is like a PSA against snuff: Firstly, there's the 'Look at this loser and his loser buddy, these are the types of goofs who'd do this' aspect. Secondly, it's the most dull, boring, presentation of snuff that you could imagine. Even the main body of the film, the supposed 'dramatisation of the diary' is even more dry and bland than what the news would present. Thirdly they screwed up the end, the supposed actual snuff. The perspective is from watching someone make the snuff film plus what his film would include rather than solely from what would have been the film itself. #amateur #goodideawrongdirector

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The Great American Snuff Film

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