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Anthony Smith



Loved it but i thought it was sad. Heartbreaking really. Can't go into detail without spoilers.

Red Sparrow imageRed Sparrow image

Red Sparrow

Movies | Mystery

Ehh. Mixed feelings. Great movie! But the Bond purist in me still wants to stick to the original.

Casino Royale imageCasino Royale image

Casino Royale

Movies | Adventure

Those afraid of sharks and the depths of the ocean will find this terrifying. Great movie. Watch in the theatre or on large screen for full effect.

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The Meg

Movies | Action

A movie that anyone will love. Anyone that has ever played a videogame on any platform will see their favorite character somewhere in this movie. Best viewed in 3D for the full effect. So much going on that you can see it multiple times and always notice something different in the background.

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Ready Player One

Movies | Adventure

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