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THIS BOOK! THIS BOOK IS DOING IT RIGHTTTT!!! Not exactly a hades and Persephone kinda of vibe but it has that same characteristic feeling between the two main characters. The plot?? Amazing, the twist of what she actually is? Also amazing! You get the satisfaction of the bad getting karma and you get the spicy romance as well. I think some of the build up is a little slow BUT definitely a pay off to read! Can’t wait for the next one total cliff hanger!❣️❣️

A Shadow in the Ember imageA Shadow in the Ember image

A Shadow in the Ember

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ooooh this book is spiCy with a capital C. The romance, the dark room, the twists and turns between the actual story. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Neon Gods imageNeon Gods image

Neon Gods

Books | Katee Robert

Absolutely loved this book. The plot was amazing, I think the mafia concept mixed with the slight shadowing of the hades and Persephone romance was fantastic. I do think some of it seemed a little chaotic as to the timing of things but I loved it!

Promises and Pomegranates imagePromises and Pomegranates image

Promises and Pomegranates

Books | Sav R. Miller

At first I didn’t think I would like this book series, there were a lot of poor reviews of it of people saying it was unsatisfactory of some sort…I BEG TO DIFER. This book series is extraordinary. I love all three of them and am really excited for the fourth, I do think I would have liked it to be a little more detailed and a little more spice but I truly loved it and became addicted to reading the other two immediately after finishing this first one! <3

A Touch of Darkness imageA Touch of Darkness image

A Touch of Darkness

Books | Scarlett St Clair

Truly an amazing continuation from the first book, if you need any more details you can look at my review of the first one. I love this series, I think the author does a great job at handling the story and characters as well as involving spicy scenes throughout it!

A Touch of Ruin imageA Touch of Ruin image

A Touch of Ruin

Books | Scarlett St. Clair

Again, absolutely in love with this series. I’m so excited for the fourth one, kinda hate how much of a cliff hanger the ending is but I totally saw it coming and makes me more happy there will be another one! Very surprising twist with her mom but I loveeee it!

A Touch of Malice imageA Touch of Malice image

A Touch of Malice

Books | Scarlett St. Clair

OOOOOOH OKAY NOW LISTEN. The cover of this book IS SPOT ON. SPOTTTTT ON. Neon gods meets 50 shades of grey. It is deliciously good. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND!!🖤❤️🖤 the plot is really good, the spice is perfect with the characters, and the twists all really tie together at the end. Perfection. A favorite added to the library ladies and gents..or “faes, males and females” haha😂🖤🖤👑

The Dark King imageThe Dark King image

The Dark King

Books | Gina L. Maxwell

THIS WAS FANTASTIC! I have never been big on the whole kingdom type court romance novels, but this is absolutely freaking amazing! It’s hot and intense, spiCy!!! With a capitol C🔥🔥💃, and gives exactly what the reader wants, romance, thrill, suspense and revenge! Truly fantastic, the ending is wrapped up perfectly in the epilogue as well! Lovedddd it! 10/10 would recommend! 💕💕👏🏼

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Books | Emily McIntire

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