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ur internet mom ash



probably freaking out about something


kinda slow in the beginning, but the build of the story was different and interesting. weird to see lucy and desi portrayed like this but it made them more real. GREAT ENDING - probably wouldn’t watch again for awhile though.

Being the Ricardos imageBeing the Ricardos image

Being the Ricardos

Movies | Drama

i think the movie was pretty good idk though because i couldn’t see through my TEARS

The Fallout imageThe Fallout image

The Fallout

Movies | Drama

there is a reason this short won an oscar. just re-watched and yep … still crying

If Anything Happens I Love You imageIf Anything Happens I Love You image

If Anything Happens I Love You


no one wants your daddy’s chicken daisy

Girl, Interrupted imageGirl, Interrupted image

Girl, Interrupted

Movies | Drama

i love a movie that can make me cry and show me why i have severe trust issues with men at the same time

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Movies | Animation

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