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This book is full of magic following the life of a young witch, Vasya who can see and speak with ancient creatures and spirits. Set in Russia, she cannot openly let anyone know of her powers. Witches are not seen as good.

The Bear and The Nightingale imageThe Bear and The Nightingale image

The Bear and The Nightingale

Books | Katherine Arden

Second book in a trilogy full of magic and mystical creatures set in Russia.

The Girl in the Tower imageThe Girl in the Tower image

The Girl in the Tower

Books | Katherine Arden

This is the second book to the trilogy. A lot better than the first. El is on her senior year at the Scholomance. Training for perhaps what’s supposed to be the scariest day of her life, Graduation.

The Last Graduate imageThe Last Graduate image

The Last Graduate

Books | Naomi Novik

First book to the Trilogy. It is slow starting. A lot of build and explanations. Sometimes a little too much…but keeps you interested still. El is someone who has magic. She is in this school “the Scholomance” that all magical teenagers get sent to. It supposed to keep them safe…or at least somewhat more safe than the world outside.

A Deadly Education imageA Deadly Education image

A Deadly Education

Books | Naomi Novik

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