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Definitley a wonderful read action packed and I just really love Greek mythology

The Lightning Thief imageThe Lightning Thief image

The Lightning Thief

Books | Rick Riordan

It's a pretty solid book and makes you think on the philosophy on what's the point if it's just gonna hurt you anyway.

The Giver imageThe Giver image

The Giver

Books | Editorial Editorial Pacific

It was good not the best not the worst kinda average

The Maze Runner imageThe Maze Runner image

The Maze Runner

Books | James Dashner

It's definitley one for thsoe books everyone should read

To Kill a Mockingbird imageTo Kill a Mockingbird image

To Kill a Mockingbird

Books | Harper Lee

Achilles hubris took him over and as the poets say they were half of eachothers soul, when patroclus died he took Achilles with him. Not in body but in spirit, in hope. This made me bawl my eyes out for a good 30 minutes. One of the best books I have ever read.

The Song of Achilles imageThe Song of Achilles image

The Song of Achilles

Books | Madeline Miller

I loved this book so much and rereading it is so nostalgic too. It's something everyone should read at some point.

To Kill a Mockingbird LP imageTo Kill a Mockingbird LP image

To Kill a Mockingbird LP

Books | Harper Lee

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