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3 young girls invent a magical game they play in the woods until one day they’re attacked. 20 years later something happens that has them confronting the details of that day. This book kept me guessing til the end. I blew through it in a day and a half bc I had to know what happened. it was an easy read despite the dark & generally upsetting premise. TWs: a violent attack of a child is described multiple times, SA & statutory rape, suicide. Etc.

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What Lies in the Woods

Books | Kate Alice Marshall

The whole book is written as the minutes of a 2-day long meeting between a handful of women in a cult. Like others have said, it is slowly paced but I think the details are revealed so masterfully, that I was fully engrossed. Was definitely difficult to read in parts because of the content, especially knowing it was based on a true story (TW: rape, child abuse, religious abuse).

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Women Talking

Books | Miriam Toews

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