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(They/Them) I make art and write stories. I also like to absorb other people's art and stories! I consume a lot of media- especially anime and western cartoons. I like to say that stories are my life and that plot is the air I breathe! Huge cartoon and animation fan!!! Aylan.the.Caring / Prin Aylan on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube!


Just finished watching this crazy and amazing show! Can't wait for season two!! It has so many familiar voices in it, kinda threw me for a loop with some of them. I've never been a huge fan of superhero stories, but I have a select few that I enjoy a lot. This is now one of them. It is a lot more gory than I had anticipated, full of heart wrenching emotional drama as you get further in. I truly enjoyed watching this and wish that more was already out.

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Beautiful art style, fluid animation, great story with interesting characters. The sound track is amazing as well. I found that the characters I initially liked the least became my favorites over all. Good character development and angles to the same story.

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Shows | Animation

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