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Barb Livingston



Still holds up in 2021. Still super relatable! 😆

Office Space imageOffice Space image

Office Space

Movies | Comedy

Classic 90’s sitcom. Gives all the warm and fuzzy feelings!

Everybody Loves Raymond imageEverybody Loves Raymond image

Everybody Loves Raymond

Shows | Comedy

Amazing chemistry. Between characters...finished it in one sitting!

Beach Read imageBeach Read image

Beach Read

Books | Emily Henry

Sophia Loren is amazing onscreen! Sweet family story.

Houseboat imageHouseboat image


Movies | Comedy

Classic and sweet story line.

Roman Holiday imageRoman Holiday image

Roman Holiday

Movies | Comedy

Watched this over 1,000 times. Audrey Hepburn is divine.

Breakfast at Tiffany's imageBreakfast at Tiffany's image

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Movies | Comedy

Watched the entire first season in one sitting! Great mother/daughter relationship...the ups and downs.

Never Have I Ever imageNever Have I Ever image

Never Have I Ever


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