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I Love this book because it’s great to read if you have like a short attention span because it’s poem written book like it’s a chapter book and the chapter is like a poem so it’s easier to read and there’s a lot of metaphors/similes I think it brings the whole book together because the stories are just so intense and interesting that the format gives it even more of an easier time for others to read. 9/10

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Brown Girl Dreaming

Books | Jacqueline Woodson

i would give this an eight out of 10 just because I think the plot was solid enough and there wasn’t like major plot development it was kind of a predictable at times but it wasn’t like boring but I guess for some you can use it like as background noise but for the most part I really liked it because it was like a romcom nothing like to out of the ordinary so yeah I recommend it if you’re bored and looking to pass time 

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When We First Met

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