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I went into this book basically knowing that I would love it, and after finishing it.... I was right. I am obsessed with cheesy romcoms, ( just like the main character) I love cute romance cliches, and enemies to lovers is my favorite trope of all time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this book, and fell in love with Wes as soon as he was introduced. Liz was a very relatable character for me aswell so i enjoyed seeing her grow throughout the book. Wes and Liz's banter is so cute, and the care he has for her is so unbelievably adorable. Overall I would definitely recommend this book for a cute YA love story

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Better Than the Movies

Books | Lynn Painter

Volume 4 absolutely destroyed me. I'm so happy that Alice has taken on such a powerful and important story that is someone dealing with an eating disorder. As someone who has struggled with disordered eating, her depiction was so real. I definitely shed some tears reading this volume, but it was worth it. Nick and Charlie are my comfort couple

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Heartstopper Volume 4

Books | Alice Oseman

I binged the show on Netflix in one night and absolutely fell in love with every single character. After watching the series I ran to webtoons and read every single volume. This is such an incredibly beautiful, pure, and fun story. Although I love every single character Nick Nelson would probably have to be my favorite. He's such a kind soul and every hug he gives Charlie is so deep and beautiful. Idk how Alice does it but she created something extraordinary

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Books | Alice Oseman

This book was literally so cute. I could see how some people might have found the book boring, but I absolutely loved the pace. It was just about 2 boys helping each other find themselves. I also think the romance was a little out of nowhere, but it didn't really affect my take on the book. I absolutely fell in love with Mateo's character right away.

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They Both Die at the End

Books | Adam Silvera

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