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Blythe Dallet



This is a sweet little story. A fictional tale, set in a small town, with Hattie B as the central character. Henry, Hattie’s young friend steals the show. It’s a quick read, perfect for my recent trip to the beach.

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The Honey Cafe

Books | Jennifer Pinto

If you liked “The Stranger”, this series, adapted from another Harlan Coben novel is a don’t miss. The characters are flawed and compelling. I loved the detectives and their awkwardly beautiful relationship with one another. The plot is pretty complicated, but the storyline comes together. A fun watch.

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Stay Close

Shows | Drama

I love Toni Collette, and this series did not disappoint. Her character is multifaceted and magnificent. The back and forth storyline unfolds and takes you for quite a ride.

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Pieces of Her

Shows | Crime

This series about a young rape victim and the detectives who investigate a series of rapes is amazing. It is infuriating, probably too realistic at times, and beautiful in the way it deals with rape victims.

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Shows | Drama

I loved this series. The strong female characters and their vulnerabilities and fallibility make this series a big winner. I’m sad to see it won’t be coming back.

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Queen of the South

Shows | Crime

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